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Caffitaly system is unique in the segment of single serve coffee machines. It is open and every country has local distribution coffee company. However their customers usually do not know what a great choice of capsules is available for their coffee system.

Discover more about your coffee system. This page is a bridge between Caffitaly/CBTL/Cafissimo/MAP/Caffè Tiziano/DUALIT/ ??????? caffitaly customers and ultimate coffee experience which only Caffitaly can offer.

My caffitaly coffe collection

My caffitaly coffe collection

Link for everyone who would like to know where to buy Caffitaly capsules online.

Note: This is not an official presentation of Caffita System SPA or any other business related company. All information are only informative and without any warranty. Contact me at caffita.info(ed)gmail.com

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  1. I don’t know if I have a problem with my S04 because when it finish to make the espresso the used capsule don’t have any hole at the bottom. It’s possible?

    • For sure not in local sites however 120V version exist. You can buy some on the internet. I personaly do not recommend to by S01 anymore since S06 with same design but came in. I would recommend you to take S03/Kaldi, if you want steam, then OSC 3000 can be bought very cheap.

  2. My new (Christmas present) SO2HS made about 6 brilliant cups of coffee.Since then, it makes all the right noises, but no water comes through.It may have run out during operation, but hs been refilled.Help! Also, can’t find a manual on line for it, and, though it is new, being a gift, I don’t have a receipt. How do I find an authorised repairer?

  3. be very careful WARNING
    2 times it has happen to me after extracting the coffee pouring my frothed milk i open the handle to make 1 more coffee to have the pod explode into my face
    the 2nd time warranting me to rush to the bathroom to wash the granuals out of my eyes
    typing this with 1 really scratch eye and a bit of pain
    how they can put a machine on the market that does this has me wondering

  4. I need to buy a replacement water cover door for my Caffitaly Americano Model 10134. Any idea where I can purchase it?

  5. Hi would you know which buttons to press and for how long to bring a Nautilus S06 back to factory settings. There is no mention of this in the manual.

  6. Hi!
    I have Caffitaly M2 and it is also C3 market on it. I did put in a wrong capsule and after that it’s not working. The pressure and hot water seams to eork, but all the coffee is coming directly to the waste basket and not going through the front piece and through the whole from where the coffee is supposed to come.
    Anybody out there that knows why, and how to repair?
    Do anybody know it there is a repair book or scheme that explains how to take apart (and put together again?)!
    Appreciate your help!
    Per Lyng

  7. Hi there,
    Your webside was introduced to me by some Australian guy in Phuket.
    I have brought 4 Caffitaly machines in Singapore and require capsules.
    How can i purchase capsules from your store?
    Can you poste them to Phuket, Thailand?
    If yes, what kind of flavor or brand can you offer at what price?
    Estimadet order per month would be approx. 1000 capsules per month.
    Looking forward to hear from you.

  8. Hi There
    We have just moved to Singapore and I was just wondering where to purchase some Map coffee pods in Singapore?
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  9. Dear Admin,

    Ur doing a great job with this website. However I am unable to find any information about the type of plastic used in csffitaly pods
    Are caffitaly pods BPA free and BPS free?

  10. Dear Sir,

    I need buy large bulk of Morbido, Americano and Choccolate capsules for Sri Lanka.
    Can you let me know your prices as well.

    Italian Caffe Aroma ( pvt ) Ltd
    Whatsapp – 0094773313141

  11. Hi, Woolworth are no longer stocking the Caffitaly Gloria Jeans range of pods. I purchased a new machine late last year and now they are discontinuing the range!! NOT HAPPY Where can I purchase the Hot Chocolate pods from?

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