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It took me a while to get most of the Cagliari Caffitaly capsules, but something worth having is something worth waiting for. One day, parcel with 6 boxes of Caffe Cagliari arrive inlcuding award winning Superoro. What a great news.

Caffe Cagliari is one of the very famous orthodox Italian coffee roasters. When you get to know more about company you find out more certificates, medals than common marketing stuff of modern coffee company. Company support 3 single serve systems: PODs, Ridig capsules and of course Caffitaly capsules. Cagliari capsules are packed in very standard way 10 pcs per box. Box size is exactly the same like Ecaffe (which is a bit bigger than what Tchibo for example is using nowdays).

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So what we have here is as follows: Cagliari Elite 100% Arabica, Cagilari Grand Espresso, Cagliari Super Oro and Cagliari Crem Espresso. All of them have been tried as regular espresso. No milk, no sugar.

  • Cagliari Elite, as you can doubt by its label typical Arabica light blend with pleasant taste, decent but rich aroma, seems to have very low caffeine content. It should work with milk very well. Personally, not as good as Chicco Doro Traditional however top class. Great mix of Central American and Brazilian Arabica (Guatemala, Brazil, Colombia, Costarica). Result: ****
  • Cagliari Super Oro, high quality coffee blends, very sweet to taste. Excellent and intense aroma. Nice portion of crema. According to Cagliari, Qualified Blend for Certified Italian Espresso. Result: *****
  • Cagliari Crem Espresso, decent mix of Arabica coffee enhanced by some Robusta beans. Full taste, nice aroma however much less crema you expect from capsule of that name. Something is missing here to be a superior piece. Result: ***+
  • Cagilari Grand Espresso, Delicate aroma Arabica based capsule. Great blend, nice crema. Universal espresso base. Seems to be something between Super Oro and Elite. Higher but decent acidity than Super Oro. Result: ****

So Superoro is clear winner here. No doubt. Right after this review I found out that Cagliari Superoro won Gold Medal at the 2010 International Coffee Tasting held by IIAC (result for 2010 is only in Italian version webpage).

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