Capsules Caffitaly News: Ecaffe and CBTL blends arrived and more

Small degustation of upcoming capsule reviews and new products from most active Caffitaly brand, pills CBTL and Ecaffe. Now just plain espressos, also brew coffees as well as flavoured ones. Suitable for all Caffitaly compatible coffee machines.

New CBTL blends

CBTL added number of brew coffee blends in both normal and decaf version in past months. See CBTL capsule section to see all. So far CBTL is the no 1 in the flavoured brew capsules producer worldwide. What is even greater news is two brand new espresso capsules: CBTL Carnevale Espresso and CBTL Intenso Espresso. The second one is another capsule with strenght rank 5 of 5.

Ecaffe newcomer

In spite of the fact that on paper they are on the market for a while, in fact not only we have problem to get one for a try. Ecaffe Armonioso, non plain arabica fair trade espresso, and E-caffe Ginseg, first ever flavoured instant coffee capsule from Caffitaly/Ecaffe, are great add on to every Caffitaly coffee machine. We will get back to them in our review soon together with Cagliari Silver and Chicco Doro italiano.

Tchibo Limited Edition

Even its over for now It was good enough to remain. Tchibo Grand Classé Veloso Brasil was not just about beautiful plastic printed box such as any Grand Classé series coffee capsules but also about interesting taste. It is a pitty that so far only company who made limited edition capsules is Tchibo. Lets see what is going to be next one. I bet on Ethiopia. 🙂 UPDATE: I was wrong – its Columbian coffee

Caffitaly logo disapeared

All Tchibo capsules does not have Caffitaly logo anymore and anywhere. It is probably part of the marketing of Tchibo company. From inside, Tchibo capsules remain the same as before.

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  1. How can I purchase Ecaffe capsules in Thailand. I want a supply of the various blends to make espresso coffees. URGENT
    Many thanks
    Eddie Hill

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