Capsules Caffitaly Refillable capsule? How to refill your CBTL Cafissimo Capsules

CBTL Caffitaly Cafissimo or Map machines has great advantage. Its capsules can be recycle and reuse many times. Whats more it is almost as easy as to use Nespresso Coffeeduck refillable capsule system. Step by step guide hot make your own coffee or chocolate capsule for caffitaly coffee machine.

You can make any drink you want. Simply follow our direction how to open capsule, recipe
how to make coffee capsule or even how to make capsule for hot chocolate. It is easy and fun and because caffitaly capsules are large enough you can basically make any kind of hot beverage you want. It is not dangerous, you can not damage your coffee machine but of course you do it at your own risk. This article contain 3 parts:

  1. How to open coffee capsule and what is inside
  2. How to make your own espresso cbtl capsule
  3. How to make hot chocolate capsule

This guide suits all caffitaly system including CBTL, Tchibo Cafissimo, Map Italian coffee, caffe Tiziano simply all Caffitaly systems!


Part 1: Lets open Caffitaly capsule

Lets go step by step to open capsule and make it ready for refilling.

We will need knife, table napkin and plate. Nothing else.

Use your knife to break top cover of the capsule. Be carefoul to not break top filter.

Get the all folio down.

Use knife to get front filter out of the capsule.

Whole secret of Caffitaly system, top filter is used for pressure distribution within the capsule. This filter you need for all non instant beverage such as coffee and can be used for tea as well. It is crucial part especially for espresso.

Front filter is out

Remember your childhood and get the old coffee out as well

Capsule content is out including bottom filter.

Bottom filter is used for all coffee capsule. Its role is to prevent coffee ground coming out of the coffee machine. This part can NOT be present in any kind of instant drink capsule. Whenever you need chocolate, instant tea, instant coffee beverage do not use bottom filter. If you do so, coffee machine get jammed and turn into error mode (turn off, on and use another capsule to make it work) since pressure water will not pass through the capsule.

Bottom filter apart of the coffee content

Finally we get cleaned everything and ready for refilling

Are they any differences between capsules by types and brands? Yes, they are. Brew coffee capsules has large cutout at the bottom of the capsule. Also lungo and brew capsules having slightly different filters to get the best result. You can not do it wrong if you keep it for the same kind of drink. However you will get almost same result even not using exactly right capsule. Note: for your own caffitaly hot chocolate capsules you can use any kind of used capsule because you will not use filters anyway.

We have all parts ready so lets got to make our own cafissimo capsule simply by refilling the old one!


Part 2: Refill of Cafissimo used capsule into Espresso coffee

In this part we will need 3 clean part from the old Caffitaly capsule, new content (espresso), alu kitchen tinfoil and scissors.

Everything is ready, lets make our own caffitaly capsule 🙂

Put the bottom filter inside the capsule.

Now it is the time for coffee content.

Its just about your fantasy. I just put inside espresso with a bit of hot chocolate to get a new flavor.

Close capsule content by top filter.

Now it is the time to close capsule by tinfoil.

I would recommend here for all users of CBTL Kaldi / Contana, Caffitaly S03, S04, S05, Map Bella Single Serve Coffee Machines to use 2 layers of tinfoil. It is the way how you prevent to have dirty machine in case of some accident. Remember I am not using any tape to hold tinfoil.

Ready to use home made Caffitaly capsule

And here we have the result! Special chocco espresso 🙂


Part 3: How to refill CBTL capsule into hot chocolate beverage

Final and probably most interesting part. How to make brand new CBTL hot chocolate capsule or Tchibo Cafissimo chocolate (the other Caffitaly users can buy some :)). We will need hot chocolate instant drink powder, empty capsule, alu kitchen tinfoil and scissors. No filter is needed here anymore.

Get everything ready

You will need 3 alu tinfoil filters. Two big, one small.

Small filter I use to prevent chocolate powder coming out of the capsule since it is used capsule and has a whole at the bottom part.

Put the small filter inside the capsule as you can see on the picture

Fill the whole capsule by instant chocolate.

Close capsule by 2 tinfoil filters.

Its recommended to use espresso or long espresso mode for hot chocolate beverage. It is the same as original Caffitaly Eciok capsule.

Enjoy your chocolate drink. 🙂

Enjoy your drink. Even I do not make my own capsule very often it is real fun to make some.

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141 comments on “Caffitaly Refillable capsule? How to refill your CBTL Cafissimo Capsules

    • Can’t believe this is so easy to do and the results are very good but as I noted from someone else, I need to pack-in more coffee grounds to make a stronger coffee. I’ve tried the Macro Brand (Woolies) Organic Peruvian blend and it’s pretty good but I think that I’ve let it down by not using enough coffee. Oh well, I’ll try another cup in an hour. Thank you so much!

    • Have read most of the comments on refilling the capsule! Am now excited to get a coffee machine from cbtl! One question though, is the temperature of the coffee hot enough from the machine ?

  1. Hmm Wow what a great post, it is just really amazing and clear. The way you elaborate the whole idea is just hats off.
    Coffee capsules are becoming popular as it economical and time saving. Now you can make tasty coffee at home and also at workplace in a few minutes, without any fuss or mess.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful effort with us.

  2. I tried this today with some loose leaf tea I had and it worked perfectly. Really simple, and no issues on first 2 teas I brewed from them. Now I’m excited about trying out other stuff. Thanks for posting.

    • Which tea you have tried? I would recommend ground coffee with a bit of vanilla for flavour. Very similar to CBTL French Vanilla but I have made espresso kind.

  3. Thanks for the great tip! I used 2 layers of aluminum foil and espresso grind on Green Mountain Dark Magic Espresso bean coffee. It works out to about 20 cents each — but sure is a messy production compared to a ready-made capsule. The first time I weighed the coffee and got a weak cup. I found I needed to firmly compress the coffee — going a bit beyond the 8.5 grams I think is “standard” to get a decent cup from my Americano CBTL machine. I still like the CBTL choices best — a lungo (any of the CBTL espressos) with a splash of hot water is VERY nice drink with cream & sweetener.

  4. When you brew loose leaf tea from refillable capsule, do you put both the top and the bottom filters into the capsule?

      • Genius!!! I actually bought my Americano for my office for the wide range of beverages (including tea!) that it makes in addition to espresso. My dismay has been the limited range of tea capsules available–this changes all that. Gratzie!

  5. tried it..took me about 8 minutes to refill a MAP pod..including clean up (very messy)..then another couple of mins to cut out the foil rounds..inserted into my machine…then another 35 minutes cleaning up the hot coffee that just blasted into the machine and onto my bench..floor.. me!..cheaper????…how!! enlighten me

    • Thats terrible expirience! Whay coffee machine you have used? Actualy for me it is very fast proces.

      I agree, that refill is not about making coffee cheaper (even some people do it for this reason). For me it is just experiment to try something else. No more, no less. I do not drink refilled capsule regulary at all.

  6. Tried it and it worked for me. I would still like to know if there are other compatible capsules for my CBTL machine from other companies.

    • you can use aldi capsules by just cutting small cross in capsule at bottom as map machine not strong enough to punture bottom then they work fine have used in mine 16 for $6

  7. tried it and it DID not work – not only that, i spent the last 20 min cleaning up coffee all around the machine, ground coffee all over the place, etc.. Surely by now, someone would have come up with a reusable cup, just like the one for K cups.. ??

  8. Awesome!! It does save money – but the trick is to fill many pods at one time. It takes just a few minutes more to make 10 than it does to make just 1. Tried mint mojjito tea using both filters, cutting the bag open and pouring in the loose tea. It was sooooo good!

  9. Really interesting post. I wish there were a reusable pod for CBTL like the ones for Keurig. Does anyone know whether one is in the works? A neighbor gave me some imported coffee that I would love to try.

    • I agree Jean.

      In addition to the potential health issues there’s the added problem of the landfill factor – the pods and packaging and in a few months perhaps years the machines 🙁
      And what got tossed to make way for these bizarre appliances?

      Not everyone uses a plastic kettle and as for plastic cups well not in this house 🙂

  10. Boiling water going through 2 plastic pieces and a plastic capsule. Can’t possibly be good for your health! Nobody is concerned about this????

    • Jay Dee,
      when you boil watter in jug kettle, what is the difference? When you drink coffee from plastic cup, its the same, isnt it?

      Technicaly for espresso, you even do not use boiling water… just 90 degrees hot water. Some people has concern more about nespresso aluminum water. I am quite sure that now days plastic parts are safe enough.

    • According to a recent report in the web (everything in the web is true, isn’t it?) 1 plastic disk will only cause headaches. Using 2 will make you impotent and may cause your dick to fall off!

  11. Just tried it myself. The first attempt didn’t work, the Contata pumped and pumped but no coffee came out, I must have been tamping too hard. Second attempt worked fine, after I didn’t try to put too much ground coffee into the capsule.

    Interesting option for me, not really to save money but to try out different combos.

  12. Thanks so much for info for refilling the capsules. I haven’t tried it yet, have been going thru the different types of coffee. I must be a strange one – think all the coffees are bitter, whether made with little or lots of water. So, am sure this will work. Thanks again!!

  13. I just want to add a tip: When you refill the cups make sure that do don’t forget to include both filters or the coffee will spill out and clog the machine. This happened to me and my machine stopped working. I can’t figure out how to fix it. Any tips?

  14. Can someone please tell me, when you are using the bought filled capsules (and these homemade ones too), what do you do about the foil on top? Do you leave it on or take it off? Do you pierce something somewhere? I have been tearing the foil cap of the Gloria Jean capsules I purchased with my Caffitaly S14 yesterday, but on the video, the woman just puts them in the machine with the foil on. What is the right way, please ?

    • Merri, A person with your intelligence shouldn’t be playing with hot water. Instructions on machine and capsule boxes. Do you know how to read?

      • Chas. Anyone may ask that kind of question, when in stress. Its not a matter of intelligence. Good manner, beeing polite is, though, a matter of good judgement usually achived by life experience even after just a few years in kindergarten.

  15. you leave the foil on and slide into top, pull the handle all the way foward and it pierces a hole into the capsule and then just press the button once stopped flashing

  16. Just got a caffitaly map capsule machine from Harvey normal and tried the refill, worked great will just need to press more coffee in next time for stronger brew.

    • Yes works quite well. I had tried ALDI capsules but as no filters, finished with a cup full of grounds. Replaced remaining capsules with filters and all worked very well. ALDI hot chocolates work ok in map machine as no filter required for hot choc.

  17. I just tried it with the coffee bean French vanilla (cause the lines were so long at the only store they had French vanilla at…came out just fine, and I did use 1 piece of foil under the bottom filter and two on top. I am going to try some of my special loose leaf teas…or maybe winter dream tea since they don’t make it in pods

  18. Hi, I tried refilling too, and my 1st two capsules worked perfectly, but on the third one I pressed the coffee too much in, to make it stronger, big mistake!, it was too much pressure and it blasted into the machine and onto my bench. But I learned from it and i haven’t have any more problems since then. As for time, I usually fold aluminum foil in several places and with on circle cut I have 5 or 6 pieces, I don’t feel is messy, and it saves me like 1.80 per cup, I drink quite a bit of coffee and so my family. And I love experimenting different flavours!!! Thank you!!!

  19. Fabulous. I didn’t think I’d get the CBTL Caffitaly machine for 15.00 but I did. When it arrived, and researched the cost of the capsules, I was disgusted. No way would I pay .60 cents a cup of tea…, I thought to recycle myself and figure out how to reuse them. I googled first, and found you……….you’re an angel. Thank you kindly! It works very well for my chai tea.

  20. The CBTL machines are 15 bar of pressure: That’s why they can do espresso and not just gravity feed drip coffee makers. The factory capsule foils are adhered on. I worry that simply crimped aluminum foil wouldn’t have the holding power and that the pressurized steam/water would cause leakage inside the machine.

    Has anyone experienced problems from long-term use of re-used capsules, clogging of the machine, foils coming off completely, etc.?

  21. I have been successfully refilling my Woolworths machine pods over and over, always doing about 20 at a time which uses 1 250 gm packet of ground coffee.

    The coffee I use is the supermarket ones ground for plunger or dripolator and I use a heaped teaspoon full in each pod, tamping it down with a spare pod and loosely topping the pods up and topping them off with the top filter and one piece of foil.

    I just tear strips of foil a little wider than the foil box and tear the strips into 5 squares. I don’t cut them round, just squeeze the foil around the pod. I haven’t had a jam yet.

    I don’t know if I’m saving money by doing this, but I am saving landfill, each refill session takes about 10 minutes and the used grounds go on my rosé bushes.

  22. Just got one of these machines as a Christmas Present, I have had a few cups made from the bought capsules, I will try refilling myself and let everyone know how I go.
    I did pull one apart and put a teabag in it, then some alfoil over the top (no filters) it seemed to work, however there were a few floaties in the the tea, I will try again this time with the filters. I think this is a great webpage

  23. Hi there I have been searching the net to see if I could buy a reusable pod to use with my favourite blend, I have to drive over 60km to buy the real pods and stock upl.
    Thanks for this idea, not only will it save me time & money but I get to taste my brand, thanks again it’s so simple…

    So this is an update to my previous post, I’m 71 and I have made my first coffee it was a success so now I have made 6 more to test out later.
    I do enjoy the 5 selections that Caffitaly produce, but now I have an extension to my bow if I can’t get to the store I can just make my own!.
    And as ADMIN said it’s not always about saving money, but a bit of fun trying something new, and once you have made one it’s easy peesy…

    • I find it interesting that people are using instant hot chocolate and tearing tea bags to refill a capsule. When I want to make tea using a tea bag or hot chocolate with the instant type, I simple put the tea or hot chocolate mix in the cup and just run the machine for hot water.

      That is way more simple than making a pod for these drinks.

      • With tea it is interesting idea, however i would not recommend to do so with choccolate since a lot of dirt will stay in machine.

  24. Hi, my son tried this and now my machine is not working. Seems the water is just running into the capsule dispensing tray… Please help with some advise. I have a S04 / P04. Thanks.

    aca, Please explain how will i be able to remove “the part that runs through coffee” . I need a bit more explaining.

    • I’ve had the same problem. I was using pod refill with double layer foil plus both filters when water ran out. Instead of stopping, he machine spluttered and spat out grounds. Now it won’t run. Water comes out of dispensing tray. Not sure if blocked but can’t get water to run through or unblock it. Any suggestions?

  25. I tried this process and it works. I used my Macadamia french press ground coffee and covered with the foil in a cleaned capsule packed with my coffee just to the ridge in the pod and it worked. Finely ground coffee or powders work. Over packing the pod will cause the unit to spatter and spew coffee all over. The bottom of the capsule covered in foil for powder like vanilla and coco is needed or it leaks down the unit.
    I suggest that every 5 to 8 capsules processed you run it once without a capsule to keep it clean. I run it without a capsule if I change between tea and coffee to make sure the unit is clean and no residual coffee is in my tea and no residual tea in my coffee.

    Was looking at trying the Refillable Capsule for Nespresso, pods are about the same size at the Caffitaly capsule

  26. So the problem with Refillable Capsule for Nespresso is the direction and flow of the holes. The espresso action in the Kaldi requires the capsule be the CBTL design. The inserts for the bottom and top grid/coffee fileter covers are designed to handle the pressure required for espresso. I’ll wait for the refill capsules for CBTL Kaldi cups to be produced. Ideal refill capsule for CBTL Kaldi cups will have the same designed of the disposable CBTL but with a nice fitted cap for the top that is designed for the holes required at the top and bottom of the cap.

  27. Before finding this site I refilled capsules and bent edge of top filter prior to closing so it would not dislodge easily. After brewing several cups this way there are still no accidental grounds spills. Was I just lucky? I did this to use up ground coffee I had on hand and am pleased that special blends are possible. I will now try the aluminum foil method suggested. Thank you for the site. ANY QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS, ADMIN???

  28. My first attempt at your method didn’t produce a crema (foam) in the stream.
    (no pressure?) My 2nd attempt, I ground the coffee a little finer, and packed it a bit, using
    thumb before placing filter on top of that. I also placed foil in bottom filter,
    as in the “coffee pods” as well as 2 on top. This produced a nice cup with the crema.
    Am I overdoing it?

  29. I have the CBTL Americano machine and LOVE it. I have read through all of the posts here and I was very interested in refilling the CBTL pods with stuff that I like. I mainly use the machine to make espresso’s so I followed the directions above exactly as listed. First attempt: the capsule didnt slide into the slot as easily as it does with the pre-packaged pods so I tried to tamp down the foil a little better and after that it slid in a little easier. I was using two layers of foil (just regular foil not extra duty). I tried making a tall espresso and the stream of espresso coming out was a little weak and intermittent. It also did not produce a creme/foam. I am guessing it didn’t have enough pressure. Second attempt: On this attempt I decided to only use one layer of foil. Followed everything else the same as described above. It started producing a steadier flow and halfway through the process the machine stopped and started beeping (error light on side of control panel started flashing). I removed the pod and put a regular pod in, turned machine off and then back on, and brewed a regular cup of coffee. Machine seems to be working fine but now I am afraid to try this again. I am wondering if I put too much espresso in the pod? I packed it in tight because I like a strong espresso – any thoughts on this?

    UPDATE: I just tried this again using less espresso in the pod and used two thine layers of foil (trimmed the edges and spent more time tamping it down) and it worked PERFECTLY. Nice espresso shot! Thanks again for posting this and educating us on how to do this. I also agree that you should make several pods at once so that when you wake up in the morning they are ready to go.

    • The amount of coffee is most important and its very dependent of type of ground coffee (to fine powder can cause problem). Enjoy!

      • Thanks for the info – I use the grinder at Whole Foods and just set it on the “Espresso” setting. Is this sufficient or should I be using a different setting? I appreciate all the info!

    • I purchased round foil labels that work great. Self stick! I refill about 30 at a time with my own choice coffee flavors. Each cup cost me about 12 cents now.

  30. Hi there Admin
    I’m a pensioner and found your information page very helpfull after much searching and for me it solved my problem that is so easy, it works.
    So as you have taken time to give this as a freebie, I thought I would pass on my own extra to make it a little easier.
    I found using the alluminium foil did not always stand up to the job.
    So I looked for my own solution, Go to any DIY/Plumbing outlet and ask for a roll of self adhesive Aluminium tape, usually sold in 10mtr x 50mm rolls, you will get at least 200 perfectly fitting 50 x 50mm airtight seals for a couple of pence/cents each.
    Peel the backing paper off place the square on the top of the capsule lightly rub around the top and then turn upside down onto a soft cloth and just rotate to ensure a firm seal, this also makes it airtight keeping the coffee fresh.
    Then cut off 3 of the corners leaving one tucked under the lip for easy removal next time.
    I make up at least 20/30 at a time and use little coloured paper sticky shapes / circles that kids play with, to separate different blends.
    Hope you find this a helpfull addition…
    Pete in Spain

      • Hi Admin
        Sorry for the delay, have been away for a break, glad you found it interesting I will get busy today! I will send the pics reduced in size to attach to an e mail if you can send your e mail addy.

    • I love the idea of self adhesive aluminum tape! I am going to try this. I bought my CBTL because of the rap other single serves got, but am so sad theres no k-cup type thing one can buy. I long for less expensive variety and I am going to try this. A million grazis.

    • Amazing, in my search for a more durable foil, also discovering the rolls of plumbers adhesive was the perfect answer. Not only is the foil almost identical in thickness to the original CBTL caps but the pre-adhesive made it easy to apply to 5 – 6 caps at a time. My initial idea was to pre-punch appropriate sized foil disks using a home made metal punch which I tried to design from a liquor measure. Only problem appears the surface to apply the punch needs to be hard rubber which I haven’t been able to find. So I cut them manually for now. Only tip I can offer is the rim of the caps must be perfectly clean or you may experience leakage.

    • Peter,
      Your method sounds great! I have been using double layer of aluminum foil to wrap the capsule for over a dozen times and are looking for a simpler way to do it. Thanks for the great idea! However I have one health question: Is the adhesive used for the aluminum tape safe or toxic? Are adhesives in the middle (besides those press around the edge of the cup) of the aluminum tape exposed to the hot water? Do you think pressurized hot water will dissolve some of these adhesives into the coffee you made?

    • I read that someone thought the nespresso reusable pod might fir cbtl…can,t find the post…have u heard if it works?

  31. I tried to do this with cocoa powder for hot chocolate; I got the capsule to work, no issues with the machine, but it didn’t come out “chocolaty.” When I opened the used capsule, most was dry in the middle. Is this because I tamped it? Should I have let it in loose? I’m glad there were no issues with the machine!

  32. when times are hard its good to recycle and refill a good amount of pods , regards the tamping down I use a well dried POD this offers a perfect fit and you just do it , grind the coffee not too fine on a medium and your in biz , i do confess that i have one of these machines in my bedroom so dont even have to venture to the kitchen of a morning

  33. what a mess ..if you need cheaper go to China…
    the coffee experience should be a pleasure not to waste time to refill and clean ……..camon..

    • Hi Guido, recycling is not about price. It is a way to drink different sort of coffee. I personally do not do that for saving money.

  34. Can this also suit the S14 Cafeittaly Machine Capsules?
    Also I did notice on the used coffee capsule Woolworths Select and Gloria Jeans – there is a small crack in the bottom of the capsule, how do you seal this or doesn’t it matter?

  35. I just made a cup of Jasmine Tea with the above method and a cup of hot chocolate both were successful and no problems refilling the capsules and no mess. 🙂

  36. Hi. Just letting u know this worked wonderful for me. I Love my tea as much as coffee and the tea in a pod tastes like a pot of strong tea. Just wonderful. Had a earl gray tea and a Australian outback tea. Just wonderful. I don’t pack it to tight and only one later of foil.

    Thanks so much.

  37. I tried repacking one of my CBTL cups with reg. ground coffee and it WORKED!!!!!! My only complaint is that it was messy, but I think with practice that can be eliminated. Also I think if one buys the aluminum foil tape to use instead of regular aluminum foil, that might cut down on time. I do agree that these should be set up in assembly line fashion rather than doing 1 at a time. But I just wanted to run a test. My 1st attempt at loading the cup..wasn’t full enough so the filter sat askew. Added a touch more and it sat beautifully. Did not pack it down. Used 2 layers of cheap tin foil. No leakage at all. I love being able to beat a corporate system for cheap. Yes theres labor, but I am retired, so I could make a day of it. Wish I’d saved more pods, but I have about 20 to be used and another 20 more filled ones coming in the mail. I REALLY APPRECIATE this web site. Thanks

  38. I bought the wrong cups for my new CBTL machine and try the refill method and it worked great. Less then 5 minutes with no mess. Thank you

  39. Wow guys, this blew me away. I was going to toss out my map machine as coffee variety was poor and no reusable pods like nespresso. I have posted a link on my Facebook page, hope you don’t mind


  40. Awesome, The pods are expensive and create problems with plastic waste, I also like a particular coffee, the Map coffee for my map machine gives me the jitters even the decaf, so I am very happy, I’m sure someone in the world is working on a reusable pod for these machines as we speak!!

  41. Thanks for this! I was googling for information on reusable capsules, since I do love my Caffitaly machine, but don’t feel really okey with all that plastic waste. Now this is splendid! I immediately tried a couple of different ideas: espresso with a generous hint of liquorice powder turned out quite interesting, as well as one with ground vanilla powder. And I also realized that with the espresso capsule along with the contents of a cut-open tea bag, I could brew myself a really strong cup of tea, like builder’s tea, instead of that weak liquid produced by those dedicated tea capsules! Thanks again! 🙂

    • So Pam, where is the reusable CBTL capsule you said would be available in early 2014? Still looking! Any updated information? I can’t get a reply from CBTL. Thanks.

  42. What a great site. Thank you so much for the info. Can’t wait to try. Was trying to find a reusable pod to purchase as I am into recycling and don’t like the landfill waste of pods. Excellent.

  43. i have caffitaly s03 and it doesnt work anymore. when i put the capsule and press the buttton, the coffee is brewed but goes in the used capsule container. it does not go on the cup. i donno how to check the problem because i cannot open the machine. tha k u for ur help.

  44. This worked great for me for espresso. The first time I used the foil. Then after that, I left it off. It didn’t seem to make a difference since the top plastic piece fit well without falling out. No messes in my CBTL Americano using CBTL capsules.

  45. Ummm… i may be blunt but any of you guys thought about reheating a plastic cup may cause some health issues. i dunno, like cancer? As far as i know those cups are made for 1 use, only 1 time heating. Thge second time, theyll release some of their plastic in to the coffee. i dont think ill like the taste of that. Gonna keep searching for (healthy) refillable capsules.
    Just my 2 cents…

  46. Hi, Thanks for this. I may have missed in the moments, but what is the best level of grinding or coffee you’d recommend?

  47. Hi. I am here from the perspective of a Verismo owner who got some CBTL pods for free. While I know that using all the pods is possible, I want to be on the safe side. In particular, im curious about the inner structure of the tea and hot chocolate pods. Do the tea pods have plastic filters in them? If they dont have plastic inner filters, does that make them “safer” to use than the filtered capsules in a Verismo? Any help would be great! Thanks

  48. I have a caffitaly S05 coffee machine I am looking for the white hot chocolate and the chai tea does enyone know were I could find them.

  49. Have been refilling pods for over a year. Your directions are GREAT! I use a grind between fine and espresso and tap the side of the pod to “settle” the coffee. I also use just heavy duty foil that I crimp using an extra top lid from a discarded pod. I I.D. with a black marking pen and store 50 or so pods under the coffee maker in a Keurig slide-out drawer. Pods work great with or without the foil seal inside.

  50. I have been filling my own capsules for a few months now. It works pretty well (I grind my coffee using a conical grinder to an espresso grind) and there are no issues.

    But I have noticed that no matter how fine or coarse I grind the coffee and how much tamping I do, I can never achieve the same level of crema that the pre-packed capsules give. I have no idea why and if folks do, that would be nice to know.

  51. Tried this with the Tchibo cafissimo machine, works perfectly every time, got it to work from first time. Pay attention to the coffee you use. Some coffees are strictly filter coffees such as jacobs green one. So maybe you need to choose “filter coffee” button to get a decent taste. Tried refilling with illy espresso and chose the cafe crema button, nice taste and crema. If you don’t get a strong taste maybe you need a stronger coffee like Tchibo yellow, its pretty strong. If you tried refilling and still not strong then try adding more coffee in the capsule. Experiment with buttons and different coffees until you get one you like. I strongly recommend getting the Tchibo cafissimo machine with frothing. You can refill with any coffee you like and the price of the machine dropped! Drink away fellow coffee lovers!

  52. I’ve been in touch with CBTL over the years and they keep telling me they are working on a reusable cup. Pretty obvious why they don’t want to bring it out. It will kill their coffee pod sales. Just came across your post here and tried it yesterday. Amazing! Simple! And the results are top notch. Takes a little bit of effort, but it’s worth it to be able to use my favorite beans and get fresh found coffee with great flavor. I use the heavy duty foil and double wrap the top. Can’t believe how simple it is… Works perfectly. Thanks!

  53. Living in a smaller town, means that the espresso capsules are becoming harder to find, or to purchase locally. Other than buying direct from CBTL, is there a refillable capsule available on the market yet, other than making my own from used capsules? I inquired with CBTL Corp.- Customer service, but have never heard back.

    I would most appreciate any information on this matter.
    Thank you,
    Becky S.

  54. Just don’t do what my wife did. She forgot the bottom screen and coffee got into the machine and it stopped working. Ya a real bummer. Now what to do. Got my S03 on sale for $80 and now I have to spend a hundred to fix it. Guess it’s going into the garbage unless someone can help

    • This happened to me last Summer.Here is the solution (it worked in my case). Put the machine away for about 3 months.Doing this will dry out the coffee bits blocking the outlet of the machine.After about 3 months fill up with water and put an empty capsule WITH the bottom and top filter on it.No aluminum top necessary.Once the water is at operating temperature,press the button for REGULAR coffee.Now then if you are lucky.the grid will show up at the bottom of the cup.Repeat this process 5 times and your machine should be working again.Good luck!

  55. I realised a while ago that I could recycle my pods for my Caffitaliaand as with your information I use two thicknesses of foil. I’ve created a little kit using a measuring cup with an ounce cup one end and 1/2 ounce cup the other. I use the ounce cup with a bit of a top up and turn the measuring cup upside down to tamp it down before covering. I use the same method with my Nespresso machine although for my Dolce Gusto machine I have no idea what type of mix goes into their pods.

  56. I just discovered this great exchange of coffee information.

    My highest grade to Sy Sibi. And thanks to this person for warning

    me about possibility of my manhood falling off by using some techniques of
    refilling . Laughed out loud.

    J Leon

  57. Thanks for the post and all the info. I am a senior who loves good coffee & never touch instant coffee. Even though arthritis is affecting my hands I am more than willing to give this a go.
    The person who was concerned about the water passing through plastic capsule has no idea about life. Think about where the water in your tap come from.
    Coffee pod machines ROCK!

  58. I have been using the Caffitaly machine from Woolworths for a while now and have also been repacking my Woolworths select capsules with the better brand of coffees. I did not have foil lids so I tried using the repacked capsules without them and it works fine. The two filters inside the Woolworths capsules keep the grounds within during the coffee making process. I have searched hard and long for a refillable capsule for the Caffitaly machine and the only place I have been able to find them is with a wholesaler on in China but you have to purchase 10,000 or so. I have checked everywhere to no avail, it seems though that if I owned just about any other coffee machine I would find refillables easily..

  59. I would like to know if the Woolworths Macro Wholefoods market Organic Expresso Caffitaly coffee pods are made from BPA please? I would appreciate a response on the info of what the pod itself is made of please..Thank you

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