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Ecaffe capsules for caffitaly or CBTL system are common choice of everyone who bought capsule coffee machine. Here is shor overview of basic Ecaffe capsules including proposed drinking time and caffeine content.

When we look at the table bellow we see very interesting fact. Many people things that the strongest ecaffe capsule is Intenso but in fact it is Corpose which has largest caffeine content.


Ecaffe Caffeine Proposed consumption time Coffe base Suggest Cup Volume Blend type
Corposo  129mg Morning cappuccino 25 – 30ml Asian and Western African Robusta plus a bit of Arabica
Intenso  111mg Morning cafe latte, ampoule
25 – 30ml South American coffee blends plus Indian Robusta
Prezioso  89mg Afternoon 25 – 30ml Centre and South American pure Arabica beans
Cremoso  86mg Afternoon 110 – 135ml Centre-South American pure Arabica beans
Delicato < 8mg Anytime 25 – 30ml Decafinated Arabica

Note: Dualit and Caffe Tiziano capsules are exactly the same as original Ecaffes. All information above are valid also for these capsules.

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