Capsules Can I use K-fee (Verismo) capsule in Caffitaly machine?

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K-fee pods (Expressi, remedy Starbucks Verismo…) compatibility with Caffitaly system (CBTL, Cafissimo, MAP…) are quite often discussed issue of all customers of both capsule system. Lets take both capsules and see / explain the very basic differences between them and possibility to use Kfee capsules in our caffitaly coffee machine.

Caffitaly K-fee system differences

Lets have a look on both system capsules. At first look they see very similar in size and general look. The only notica to ble difference are strips and the expiration date on the K-fee (Starbucks Verismo) caspule. More than one strip on the barel mean non caffitaly capsule.

Caffitaly Kfee Verismo capsules side by side

Caffitaly Kfee Verismo capsules side by side

When we take a part these capsules we discover major and most important difference between these systems. Caffitaly espresso capsules (pods) are quite unique by having two separate filters directly in the capsule (see here some examples). This layout has some advantages compare to any other capsules system. By changing filter proportion and parametrs we can change the water and pressure distribution flow within the capsule. That mean that it can be change anyhow in the future. For example brewed coffee capsule has different filter because the coffee powder is also different. K-fee Expressi (Starbucks Verismo) system has no filter in the capsules.



What does it mean from Caffitaly (Tchibo Cafissimo, MAP, Tiziano, CBTL, Dualit, Woolworths) perspective? If you use K-fee espresso capsule in Caffitaly CBTL machine you get your coffee but water will pass through capsule with lower pressure. It will also contain coffee powder since there is no other filter in cafitaly machine and you have a chance to get machine dirty inside. Fort this reason I would NOT RECOMMEND any caffitaly user to use espresso/coffee capsules. BUT, Kfee system as well as Caffitaly is not about Coffee. We have tea, chocco capsules. And since these capsules has no filter even in Caffitaly, there is no reason to not use non coffee capsules.

Lets have a K-fee Expressi drink from Caffitaly Cafissimo CBTL machine!

Thanks to one Caffitaly fan i got some Kfee Expressi capsules for a try. This capsule is called Chai Latte which should be Tea with Milk based drink.
Even its instant base (very similar to Caffitaly Ecaffe Ginseg) and very sweet. It is not bad at all.
People who like the real tea with real milk they might be disapointed, all the others and especially Dolce Gusto fan will love these products. My wife like it. 🙂
One more picture.


Notice: Even i recommend you to try Kfee Verismo non coffee based capsules to try in your machine, all you do is at your own risk and i do not take any responsibility for potential troubles you might be dealing with.

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16 comments on “Can I use K-fee (Verismo) capsule in Caffitaly machine?

  1. Hi, so glad to see your review and explanation of which K-fee capsules can be used in the Caffitaly system. BTW, any chance these were the capsules I sent you? Glad you liked it!

  2. If so,
    Can I use Caffitaly capsule in K-fee machine?

    If it works, I want to buy K-fee machine because the 19 bar of high pressure is so attractive.

    If anyone can tried please let me know.

    • 19 bars is just marketing and tool for better crema creation. It has nothing to do with quality of the entire system. General espresso machine is around 9 bars. Every capsule is designed for specific system, so the bar preasure is tylor made to the coffee powder etc. Exchange is usualy possible however it will most like not help you to get better result.

    • The Caffitaly machines must be superior. The other makers’ espresso capsules do not hold up to Caffitaly pressure, not in my experience. Beware of marketing hype.

  3. I just tried the Tchibo (Caffitaly) Espresso cap with my K-fee machine and the results were amazing. I think it’s the combination of the extra filter in the Caffitaly capsules and the higher pressure from the K-fee.

    Will soon try other coffee variations too.

  4. Hello. I’m thinking of getting a Caffitaly CBTL Americano machine. But before doing so, I would like to ask if other Caffitaly pods (gloria jeans etc) are compatible with a CBTL machine. Thank you. 🙂

    • Yes, they are. As long as it says “Caffitaly” on it, you can use it in the CBTL machine. I buy ecaffe pods all the time for my CBTL Americano. I think the robusta in the ecaffe pods makes a difference with taste vs the CBTL pods sold in the US.

      I’m definitely going to try a kfee pod in my machine now because of this article. I saw some interesting expressi non-coffee flavours. Like orange hot chocolate. So thanks, for posting this article!

  5. nice explanation, thanks…yesterday I was looking for some K-fee capsules for my caffitaly machine, luckily I didn’t bought it.

  6. I have a Caffitaly machine and bought some K-Fee pods, because I heard they were compatible.
    My first 2 cups of coffee were full of coffee grounds, and undrinkable, although if you filtered out most of the grounds, it was a nice cup of coffee.
    But on closer inspection, I found that the K-Fee pods were punctured in the base, while the Caffitaly pods aren’t. BUT…the Caffitaly tea pods ARE punctured in the base, so cup 3 made on the tea setting, and a clean cup of coffee. Of course, there was a lot of mucking around with that coffee, so it wasn’t the most enjoyable cup I have had, but with a bit of tweaking of the water quantity (adjustable on the Caffitaly machine), and I think I will have a whole new range opener up to me.

  7. I would like to know ir there is a refillable cup for the CBTL Americano machine. If there is a cup, where can purchase it.

  8. Hi,
    I have a Saeco Bravista Latte Plus Caffitaly Coffee Capsule Machine. I would like to know is there are any Chai Latte pods that are compatible with this machine.

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