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I keep receiving questions where to buy Caffitaly capsules online. Usually just one brand is distributed in every country. CBTL in USA, tadalafil Tchibo in Germany, cialis somewhere it is Caffitalys Ecaffe but just few countries have more options.

Sometimes you can buy few also on ebay but choice is very limited.

If you are interested in getting some capsules, stomach read how to order capsules through me. I can buy it and send to you. Drop me an email (after you read link above) and I will help you to get some. UPDATE: I am sorry I am not sending capsules anymore.

Remember, Caffitaly CBTL, Tiziano, Espresso Club, MAP and Tchibo are still the same coffee system and 100% compatible capsules.

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  1. hi, i just bought a CBTL americano machine and in US/CA i can’t find capsules other then in Bed & Bath or Target, the variety is not there, there’re very few things available (other then to go on ebay, even then) – any help/input would be greatly appreciated!

    • Probably nowehere. In Australia, MAP coffee shoudl have similar monopol as CBTL in US for example. But I can drive you where to buy on the net.

      • I would love to know where on the net I can buy capsules for Map machine, there doesn’t seem to be much variety & the only store close recently stopped selling them. I am also trying to find a compatible capsule holder.

    • If you live in Melbourne, you can purchase the E Caffe capsules through Coffex Coffee either online or at their head office in Brunswick.

        • You are half right there. Even though they are sold as ‘Ecap’ capsules they are in fact re-branded ‘E Caffè’ capsules.

          • Can be like this, some caffitaly brands are like that. However if you right it means that they are not correct in marketing communication. They claim that it is some award winning blend.. simply they claim that their ground coffee blend is the same as in the capsule.

            Do you know which K one are which Ecaffe one?

          • Ecap Superbar = Ecaffe Prezioso.
            Ecap CaffeMokka = Ecaffe Intenso.

            What ever it’s advertised as, I can’t complain about the coffee capsules. It produces a fine drop every time.

        • Coffex Ecap Superbar = Ecaffe Prezioso
          Coffex Ecap CaffeMokka = Ecaffe Intenso

          Whatever they are advertised, I can’t complain, still a fine drop of coffee in my opinion. I’ll keep buying it.

          • yes, its not bad of course. However it is at least not correct to the customers because it is probably not the same as SUPERBAR® 1kg Coffee Beans. Good to know anyway.

  2. Can you buy a refillable capsule for the CBTL machine like the ones made for the Keurig machine? If not will one be coming soon?

  3. Capsules arrived and I really enjoy them. Thanks so much for your help and tips. I will be more than happy to order from you again, once i finish them 🙂

  4. Hiya….I have a Cafissimo from Tchibo and was wondering if there are pods available that fit this machine here in the uk…..Don’t neccessarily have to be from Tchibo. 🙂


    • Hi Jasmin,
      for sure you can buy dualit and ecaffe. Simply look for caffitaly capsules and you will find something. In case you need more, let me know. Tchibo is not sold in UK.

  5. Hi!

    I’m this week in Italy for a conference. I would like to find some capsules for my Tschibo coffee machine. Does somebody know where can I find them?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Caffitaly has some stores in italy however not in all cities. I would suggest simply to ask. Never bought something in italy in shop.

  6. Just wanted to say thanks for the shipment of coffee. I got it Monday. Came from Slovakia to US in a week. Thanks for your help. I can’t wait to try the different brands and flavors.

  7. please someone can help me?
    i bought one coffe machine cafissimo tchibo,but i live in brazil,and here i dont found capsules for the can i buy,which web site?thank you

  8. dear admin,
    i am interested to get the Tschibo coffee machine from Switzerland and bring back to use in SG,could you tell me whose can i get the capsule in Singapore. are they selling in the coffee and bean store?

  9. Hi again 🙂

    Just wanted to make sure I understand. We have just purchased a M2 Capsule machine from C3 Scandinavian Lifestyle (it looks exactly like this one –

    Now we are on a quest to find capsules that are not too expensive (we bougth ours for about 0.55 Euro each for the Löfbergs Lila Golden Festival coffe) and want to make sure I know which one we can use in a Caffitaly system. So far I have found:
    – Caffitaly
    – Caffita
    – Caffissimo
    – CBTL
    – Ecaffe
    – Tchibo
    – Tiziano

    Are there any other than these?

    In advance thanks for your help 🙂
    – Ken, Norway

    • Hi Ken, all capsules you find on this page are caffitaly system and possile to use in Lofberg Lila. I do not know who else except of Lofbers sell in Norway.
      If you need to buy some, i can help you. The price is about 0.56-0.6 EUR each for 2 kg parcel. Drop me an email.

  10. In honor of National Coffee Day, CBTL yesterday gave away 2500 new Kaldi machines, first come, first served, here in Los Angeles st the Sunset Strip store. They normally sell for about $180 (US) each. you had to turn in an old machine (any size and condition as long as it had an electrical cord) to get one. Whenever someone turned in a Keurig they made a big fuss with the attending TV reporters.

    The lines were huge, and the first 200 also got a free electric frother.

    There should be a lot of Angelinos looking for capsules, mostly available from CBTL, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, or

  11. I already bought an Americano machine at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. With their discount coupon and the 5 free boxes of capsules deal ( dunno if it’ s still on) the cost netted out to $50 (US). Nevertheless, my wife stood on line and scored a Kaldi so we are set up in both our homes.

  12. For those of us with long coffee experience I much prefer the CBTL varietal naming system as one pretty much knows the taste and aroma to help choose. Named blends always seemed to me to be a cover for mystery beans, although there are many shining exceptions.

  13. I have a Kaldi Coffee maker, which came with CBTL single serve cups, my question is do they make a “empty single serve cup” or reusable single serve cup for this machine. At times have guests that bring their own coffee and would like to accommodate their wishes. Love the machine. Possibly I can buy empty single serve cups and fill them myself????? Your help is appreciated.

  14. i have a espresso coffe machine gaggia with capsules.can somebody help me with a site where i can order capsules for this machine,in norway?

  15. Hi, Love the capsules from Italy, love the machine! are the capsules sold in Aldi ( supermarket in Australia ) compatible?
    Thank you

    • Hi Michelle, do not know which machines are sold there. Can you specific the name of machine? If its caffitaly then for sure yes.

        • I’m in Oz…
          and bought a Caffitaly system from Target….
          Unfortunately, they don’t maintain a “proper” variety supply of capsules.
          The Aldi capsules look absolutely identical from the outside but don’t work in Caffitaly systems.
          I have taken the 2 capsules apart and found them significantly different on the inside. Caffitaly has a “filter”(?) at both ends of the capsule. Bad luck.
          However, I just saw an advertisement from Woolworths Oz that they now sell Caffitaly systems…
          Haven’t tried them…. but considering they use the “brand name” it may be OK…

          • Well, not all caffitaly capsules having 2 filters inside. Depends on type of drink, for example hot choccolate or instant based coffees has no filer. If the size if the size is the same, then it is ok for caffitaly. Note: there is one different size of caffitaly capsules sold in italy for profesional use. Never heard of them anywhere in the world.

        • Expressi pods were the cheapest at one time – AUD$5.99 for 16 capsules. But Woolworth’s has just broken through with their own Caffitaly capsules under their own house brand, “Select”. Also spookily priced at AUD$5.99 for 16 capsules. The boxes look almost identical in form factor.

          Usually, the Caffitaly (i.e. MAP, CBTL etc.) come in tall, slim boxes two capsules per layer, making the stack 5 high. Aldi/Woolworths ones come in four capsules per layer, the stack is 4 high, so you have a shorter, squat box.

          The Aldi flavours may sound divine, but really, except for mixing with milk as a milky coffee, K-fee capsules are nothing very special. It’s acceptable, better than instant, but the CBTL and MAP varieties I have tried are far better.

          I’m not ashamed to say I keep the Caffitaly system on hand when I’m in a big hurry and don’t have time or the concentration to work the HX machine, which one has to concentrate 101% to get it right.

          • Espressi pods are not real caffitaly product. They just has similar size. I would not recommend it. If someone is looking for cheapest way to get coffee, it is better to get ese pods thatn any capsules.

    • Try the MAP “Belgian Chocolate” capsules (RRP AUD$7.50) from stores such as Target, Officeworks and Harvey Norman. It’s a mild, smooth chocolate, so it may or may not suit your taste.

      • You can also try the Aldi “Cioccolat” capsule (RRP AUD5.99 for 16 capsules). Strangely, this capsule is packed so full of chocolate powder, it’s difficult to get all of it to dispense properly. One trick that’s worked to some degree is to use the Tea/Filter Coffee button, and dispense the chocolate in 3-4 goes. That is to say, press the button, allow the machine to pre-infuse, dispense, then stop. Repeat 3-4 times. It’s the pulsing action that helps flush out the powder.

        [If others have tried other tricks that work with this capsule, let us know!]

        BTW, this and the Aldi “Chai Latte” are the only two that I’ve had success with in the S04 machine.

  16. Hi,

    Almost running out of capsules. I am in Singapore. Other than the capsules sold at CBTL, where else can I can them? What about online?

  17. Hi, I’m from Malaysia, jus bought cbtl kaldi, can’t find any caffitaly capsule other than cbtl at here too. Any online store can order and send here?

  18. Hi there
    I bought Kaldi machine about 2 months ago, no capsules here in Canada. Machine is still sitting brand new, looks great. Can anyone help with capsules. I live in Brampton, Ontario, Canada…

  19. HI. There.

    I just bought this caffitaly coffee capsules machine and some coffee capsules for my husband. But I don’t drink coffee much and like chai latte.
    Where can I order chai latte?


  20. For Australians;The Woolworths select brand pods are quite nice, but I hate shopping there. The Gloria Jeans pods are outstanding, better than the MAP brand, easily on par with the Caffitaly pods. I would love to try the CBTL but I don’t think you can get them in Australia…

  21. This is Hedy from China,we know about from your website.Now we want to purchase a lot of capsule coffee from you,can you send us a quotation sheet.Including unit price,the delivery date,MOQ and so on.

    Any question,you can feel free to contact me asap.

  22. I have recently moved fro Germany to England and cannot get pods for my Tchibo coffee machine. Tchibo have pulled out of the UK and Tchibo Germany do not deliver overseas. Any idea where I can get pods for my machine?

  23. I just purchased two machines at CBTL in California. they are still unopened because I discovered that they only have one decaf coffee and no decaf tea capsules available at the store. I’m considering returning them (one is a gift) because the decaf selections are so limited. Do you have any suggestions? Will they be adding more selections soon? Are there more flavors available at any other stores? Can I use another brand of pod? Help!

  24. Hi can you use other brand pods with the Caffitaly S14 or must you only use the Gloria Jean or Select brands, as we do not a have a large variety. Adelaide Australia

  25. Hi there I am in Australia i just brought the Caffitaly s14 from Woolworths i am finding it hard to buy the capsules mainly Hot Chocolate & Tea (these are pictured on the box to be used with this machine) where can i buy the above please.Is there any other capsules that i can use with this machine?

    Thank You

  26. For those who have access to Bed, Bath & Beyond in the US and use a Discover credit card, you can use your Discover cash back bonus to buy $25 gift cards for only $20 each. Plus BB&B store coupons never expire; so you can save a little more.

  27. Why are they making coffee brewers and you can’t get any capsules for them other than online. I do not buy anything ONLINE. Geez, I wish I would have known this would be a problem to find where I can purchase the capsules for this. I would never have bought this coffee machine.

  28. Hi. Live in the U.S. but we have a home in Turkey. Husband there now. He just bought a Tchibo for house in Turkey. Are there coffee pods I can buy here in the States that will fit the machine. I’ve never seen Tchibo here in the U.S.

  29. Are the MAP capsules compatible with the Caffitaly Nautilus machine? Are all of the capsules listed on your website compatible? Thanks! 🙂

  30. I have a Starbucks Verismo machine and I am looking for more variety (specially with decaf). Will these other pods work in it?

  31. hi i will be travelling to italy, switzerland and austria. are the above mentioned brands found in these places?

    • In Swiss you can buy Chicco Doro and Tchibo very easy. In Austria Tchibo, Eduscho and Meinl. Other can be found too however not everywhere.

  32. Hi,
    I’m in France with my caffitaly machine. Hard to find any fittable caps over here. What’s te best option? Possible to buy in Paris? Internet? What’s best? What’s thé cheapest?

    Thks in advance!

  33. Hi, I live in British Columbia, Canada and bought the Caffitlay machine at Bed,Bath and Beyond in Kelowna about 2 years ago. The store usually (almost never) has the coffee pods available in the kind I like… Espresso: Italian,Premium, Continental and the Butterscotch Toffee. There are 16 in a box for $11.99 plus tax. I can order thru’ the store and have it delivered by Fed Ex. I worry that it will not always be available . Can I get it from you?

  34. HI I am in Hong Kong, can also ask friends to purchase in Belgium – brussels or Holland Eindhoven. can you advise stockists in these countries? thanks so much

  35. I have a Coffee machine CBTL and wanted to know which capsules are compatible with it. I live in Malta. Can you help me please?

  36. Hi Guys,
    I live in Bali Indonesia and have a problem getting capsules
    any hints, places that sell them in Bali …. anybody

  37. Hi,

    I’m looking for Tchibo Cafissimo Caffe and having problem to find them in Dubai.

    I would appreciate if you can tell me from where I can get them.


  38. Hi
    We’re on a road trip in usa and we only have a few pods left of caffitaly can you tell us where we can find them in south carolina or any where else in the south we are going to Key west so anywhere along the way
    Thank you

  39. I bought the Julius Meinl Caffitaly system in 2013,Very good set!
    can you tell me where can I buy more cppsules in Johannesburg South Afirica?I lost the address of the company.
    thank a lot!

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