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MAP Hot Chocolate Coffee Capsules. A smooth and warm mild Belgian hot chocolate. Map coffee hot coco-choc capsules guarantee the authentic premium taste and aroma of rich hot chocolate in each capsule.
MAP Hot Chocolate Coffee Capsules. A smooth and warm mild Belgian hot chocolate. Map coffee hot coco-choc capsules guarantee the authentic premium taste and aroma of rich hot chocolate in each capsule.
Since few weeks ago I keep receiving daily a lot of emails regarding capsule order. I decided to make this page and put here all info people ask me. Until today I sent around 15 parcels so here are complete informations. Please read it all before write me an order.

How it works?

It is very simply. I buy capsules and send it to you by regular mail service. Remember I am not an eshop. I am not trying to compete any company business. I started to do it simply because people keep asking me for and also because some people in US do the same for me. All prices are actually just the costs. FYI: Final cost can be all inclusive around 0, orthopedist
75 USD / capsule, audiologist
read more bellow. Order si done by email.

How to order

  1. Write me an email with exact order or simply tell me what you like. No problem to help you find capsules which should suit your taste. Example: I would like to order 2Kg, viagra
    I like CBTL Premium and would like to try some Cagliari, Tchibo and Ecaffe. Price may vary so you get  all payment info by mail. My email here: 
  2. Tell me country where are you from. Maybe there is a better/faster/cheaper way for you to get capsules.
  3. When we agreed. Make a PayPal payment or wire transfer.
  4. Usually in one business day I will ship parcel to you.
  5. Enjoy your coffee and let me know how you like it 🙂

In case some type is sold off we can replace with something similar.

Which capsules I can buy for you and prices

Here is the brand I can regulary buy for you. Price per box of 10 capsules.

Company Origin EUR USD
Ecaffe Italy 3,6 4,8
Tchibo Germany 3,6 4,8
Cagliari Italy 3,7 4,9
Chicco Doro Swiss/Italy 3,9 5,2
Crem Caffe Italy 3,9 5,2
Julius Meinl Austria 3,9 5,2

Note: Meinl Chocco: 4.1 EUR, Tchibo Limited Editions: 4.6 EUR, I can not buy CBTL.

Shipping cost

I ship mostly from Slovakia, here are the rates of Slovak National Post. Cost are the same worldwide: 1 Kg = 17,5 EUR (24 USD) and 2 Kg = 24,5 EUR (34 USD). Delivery usually takes 10 days.


PayPal (so Credit Card through paypal also possible) or wire transfer only (take few days).
Total cost + 3,9% + 0,3 EUR (thats what paypal take off from your payment)

Total costs examples

You need to know that not all capsules having same weight. 10pcs coffee weight is 135g, hot chocolate is 160g and black tea around 90g. Around 90g is usually paper, tape and package.

Example 1Kg parcel:

  • 2x Tchibo coffee
  • 2x Cagliari coffee
  • 2x Ecafee (2 coffee)

TOTAL price (USD): 4x 4,8 + 2x 4,9 + 24 = 53 USD for 60 capsules  + 3,9% (to cover paypal fee, in case of paypal) = 55,5 USD

Example 2Kg parcel:

  • 4x Tchibo coffee
  • 4x Cagliari coffee
  • 6x Ecafee (6 coffee)

TOTAL price (USD): 10x 4,8 + 4x 4,9 + 34 = 101,8 USD for 140 capsules + 3,9% (to cover paypal fee, in case of paypal) = 106,1 USD


  • Q: Can you help me select capsules?
    A: Yes, no problem. Just tell me for example that you like CBTL Italian or Nespresso Ristretto etc. Important is also to know if you would like to drink espressos or americanos.
  • Q: Can you ship less than 1 Kg?
    A: Yes, even envelope with just few capsules if you want. However you need to know that final cost per capsule can be even more than 1 USD (shipping). If you do not mind, no problem at all.
  • Q: Can I get some discount?
    A: I sell for more less the same price I buy. I do not have any space here.
  • Q: Is it legal?
    A: Yes, it is.
  • Q: Do you know about some limited editions?
    A: Yes, Tchibo make limited editions usually 4x a year for 3 weeks. They cost more than 4 EUR. No problem to buy them when they are available. I buy them always at least to try and review.
  • Q: Where do you buy capsules?
    A: Caffitaly Slovakia mostly. They know I ship worldwide and they do not ship outside country themselfs.
  • Q: Why your name is not as a sender address?
    A: It is labeled by my wife. I am not originally from Slovakia, just living here (not uncommon case in EU).
  • Q: Can you ship via FedEx?
    A: Unfortunately FedEx is not operating here for private persons, DHL is crazy expensive, TNT only for companies.

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  1. Hie the flavours you have for the CBTL capsules are so interesting. I’m in Singapore the capsules sold here are super basic flavours and crazy expensive. I’m hoping that i”ll b able to order through u if the shipping isnt too ridiculous.. Do get back to me. Thanks!

  2. BJR ,comment commander des capsules EDUSCHO pour machine CAFFISSIMO sur internet ou depot en France ,,Merci de me renseigner .MC

    • je ne peux pas acheter capsule Eduscho firectly. Je peux les acheter en Autriche où je y arriver qui est usualy une fois par mois. Le prix sera ensuite autour de la même Tchibo (60pcs est de 40 euros port compris, mais vous devez attendre peut-être même mois). Une question: Pourquoi voulez-vous Eduscho? Personnellement, je ne pense pas que c’est la meilleure capsule cafissimo. Je vous recommande de certains autres (personnellement je n’aime pas du tout Eduscho en capsules).

  3. i’d like to buy capsule for caffisimo capsule coffee. There’s only 3 types capsule that can fit with this machine, right? i’d like all flavor available. How much would it cost for 1-2 kg parcel for shipping to Bangkok Thailand? I can’t find capsules anywhere after I bought the machine in poland a few months ago.

  4. Hi I live in Qatar and i am trying to buy esperesso capsules for my new espresso machine please replay as soon as possible so I can enjoy my coffee
    And this is my machine name ( caffitaly) thank you

  5. We would like to import your capsule coffee for Korean market, so could you please give me your conditions to import your capsule coffee & price.

    Look forward to hear your favorable reply.

  6. OK…sounds quite interesting! Researched and found many possibilities. My interest is in the “stronger”espresso” coffee styles. Hard to define on line. OF NOTE: a Canadian company called CreativeCookware is a serious problem! They are a phony company that rips people off so look out!

    Please advise what capsules are the strongest in ant of the Caffitaly styles. I would like to order a supply every 3 months, about 40-60+/- capsules.

    Many Thanks
    Jerry Klein

  7. Hi my name is louise I have a caffitaly S05 and I am looking for white hot chocolate and chai tea capsule do you now where I could find them.

  8. Hi there

    I have a K fee/Verisimo machine and am looking for both strong decaffeinated and caffeinated espresso capsules that are compatible. I live in London, England. Tescos no longer sell the coffee pods for this machine (!!) & Starbucks Verisimo capsules are very expensive (50p per pod) and only online. Do you know if the Caffiltaly or Tchibo capsules work ok in this machine? If so can I order some through you?

    Thank you


  9. I have an Xpressivo expresso machine. Having trouble getting Cagliari capsules. Can you send to NY? how much and how do I pay you if yes?

    Thank you,

    Michael J. Rosenblatt

  10. My mom recently purchased a cblt and wants to know if there is a package of assorted capsules available. If so what do they run and availability. Thank you.

  11. Hi, I have a caffitaly S20. im looking for caffitaly capsules. Can you send to Cheras,Malaysia? how much and how do I pay you if yes?

  12. Hi , can I also use any Starbucks products in my caffitaly system/ CBTL i bought from Singapore. I am now in the USA. thank you.

  13. I am from Singapore
    Do you still supply caffissimo capsules to people like me in Singapore.

    Please send me a list of capsules available and their prices.

    Thank you


  14. I am from singapore
    Do you still send caffissimo capsules to Singapore.
    Please send me a list of your prices for different flavors of the capsules.

    Thank you

  15. Hello. I’m Lyana from Malaysia. I have one Tchibo Caffissimo coffee machine and my 30 free caffissimo coffee pods almost finish. I tried to look for the pods here but failed. So, where can I get caffissimo pods ? Or, do you know any other brands that have similar size of caffissimo pods and where I could get the pods ? Thank you so much for your help

  16. Where can I buy a rinse capsule for caffitaly S21 coffee machine as I’m having a,lot of trouble in finding one as I bought the machine from Woolworths and they don’t sell them and they told me to get in touch with caffitaly and they don’t do them either which doesn’t make sense at all any help would be appreciated thanks

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