Caffé Cagliari Superoro

Caffé Cagliari Super oro capsules. A careful selection of the highest qualities,
based on our experience with espresso coffee for bars, provides a high quality coffee blend, sweet to the taste and with an intense aroma. The optimal roasting level gives Caffé Cagliari Superoro espresso a constant and reliable quality standard.

Jacks review: SuperOro is without any doubt great espresso capsule. No wonder that Cagliari won with this selection International Coffee Tasting in 2010 and 2008 in categories mixed italian espresso. According to Cagliari, Qualified Blend for Certified Italian Espresso. Great espresso experience, must have in your capsule selection.

This special high-quality blend, the result of our century-long experience, draws on our connoisseurs’ selection of coffees of the very finest origins, each roasted separately to perfection. Only then are they blended according to our own ancient recipes, thus guaranteeing a balanced and constant level of quality.

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