Gloria Jeans Caramel Indulgence

Caramel Indulgence Gloria Jeans Coffees Capsules Caffitaly. A full-bodied coffee taste with a subtle infusion of sweet caramel.

Brand Gloria Jeans

7 comments on “Caramel Indulgence

  1. Found this one to be particularly nasty. A bitter acidic coffee taste with an added layer of harsh flavouring. I have a box opened in the office for more than a month, nobody can finish one cup.

  2. Just had a cup and found it fine. Possibly a little weak on the coffee side but nothing nasty The caramel flavour like any flavour hides the bitterness of the coffee.

  3. I actually love this one, though it’s not very strong coffee. I have them at work and everyone always comments on the yummy smell too 🙂

  4. This is good as a mix up if you want a flavoured coffee without having to add any syrup. Still a strong coffee taste with only a hint of caramel. Kind of ruins the coffee, but then ur not drinking coffee, you’re drinking caramel coffee… :-). Might be a good option for non-coffee drinkers.
    Caramel is not my favourite to add with coffee anyway, wish Gloria Jeans would come out with hazelnut and vanilla.

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