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This superb Chai Tea is sourced from the best quality harvests of small Artisan farms and exclusive private estates around the world.

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10 comments on “Chai Tea Capsules

  1. Hi
    Is this like a chai latte with milk or tea?
    I’m looking for chai latte pods for the caffitaly machine.

  2. In the last few weeks or months have not been able to get the Chai Latte capsuls/pods.They come in the Gold box and I usually get them from Woolworths, Office works, Harvey Norman
    ALL stores have the coffee but it seems the Chai Lattee are off the shelves.
    Is it not being produced any more?
    If not please advise were I can purchase or if I can by direct from the supplier.

  3. Hi, I have the same question as above – cannot locate Chai latte capsules – please advise where to purchase these.

  4. It seems there is no chai latte for caffitaly system anymore, not a single brand is producing them. extremely dissapointing. If nothing changes in next month or so i will sell my machine and get a nespresso.

    if someone knows anything about chai latte pods for caffitaly please share here

  5. I’m with all the previous questions, where are the GJ’s Chai Latte pods??? I can’t believe such a popular product has been withdrawn from production! PLEASE, let us know what’s happening.

  6. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee answer the above questions and tell us what has happened to GJ chai latté capsules, I dont drink coffee so can you use the hot chocolate or chai latté capsules. Very upsetting….. 🙁

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