Tchibo Grand Classé Espresso India Pahari

Tchibo Cafissimo Rooibos tea with a hint of vanilla. Do your coffee machine Cafissimo 100% sustainable agricultural production.
Tchibo Cafissimo Espresso with pleasant flavors of roasted coffee and light undertones of dark chocolate. The finest Grand ClasséStandards Rainforest Alliance Certified ™

In southwest India is a quaint coffee farm Yelnoorkhan. It is one of the most unique and best farm land, injection life
and hence the same time, information pills our new coffee Grand Classé India Pahari.Pahari term is mountainous and describes a unique area where the coffee is grown: At an altitude of more than 1500 m in the middle of a mountain ridge Baba Budangiri matures under the protection of dense shade trees finest Arabica mountain. Due to prevailing cold temperatures and frequent rainfall gets unique aroma. Grain harvested and processed with great care created a unique coffee that our experts chosen for our new Grand Classé India Pahari.Enjoy a unique espresso from India with a pleasant taste of roasted coffee and light undertones of dark chocolate.

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