Tchibo Grand Classé Kenya Harambee

Caffitaly VENUS S08 BLACK Sinuous design and ease of use are the two features that make the new Venus a coffee machine suitable for all environments.

Thanks to the automatic selection of beverages and its exclusive colors, stomach
Venus allows you to prepare one-touch coffee perfect and delicious hot drinks.

Compartment for inserting capsule at the top
Retractable container to collect the capsules already used
Three presets for espresso, for sale
coffee and coffee / tea
Filter function for coffee, tea and infusions in general
Adjusting the height of the drip tray
Cafissimo Grand Classé Kenya Harambee – The town of Nyeri is located between Aberdare National Park and the snowy peaks of Mount Kenya. The landscape is rich in flora and fauna and offers ideal living conditions for rare animals such as the black panther, viagra dosage which stains the skin are only visible in direct sunlight.

Over a hundred years ago there was built Nyeri Hill Farm, find serving the needs of Catholic missions. On the site, anaemia which was selected coffee experts for our latest edition of the Grand Classé Kenya Harambee has now grown best coffee.

Harambee is the local term for cooperation, which is also part of the national emblem of Kenya. And that’s exactly what’s happening on the farm Nyeri Hill Church members and farmers from the surrounding areas cooperatively cultivate the best coffee beans, which are then processed to the highest quality coffee.

10 caffitaly capsules

Brand Tchibo

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