Tchibo Grand Classé Veloso Brasil

The Tchibo Espresso Grand Growth Veloso Brasil Capsule is the new limited selection of Tchibo Espresso Cafissimo. As with all Grand Classé Tchibo coffees, discount
sale our experts for Veloso, approved
selected only the highest quality Brazilian coffee beans. In southeastern Brazil is the numerous waterfalls and Lakes and surrounding landscape of Minas Gerais.

Nestled amid the natural province of Carmo do Paranaíba is for about 200 years ago, named after the patron saint of musicians Farm Santa Cecilia. The farm is owned by the Santa Cecilia family Veloso, who has passed on the secret to the art of coffee steadily growing. Today, the coffee farm is in its fourth generation of family ownership. On the lush plantations of fine Arabica grows, fed perfectly through the countless sources and a special irrigation system. A special feature of nature can in some coffee cherries instead of two elongated beans just a coffee bean, the precious pearl bean ripen. It takes its name from its shape which resembles a pearl. In this single bean variety is concentrated the whole flavor – just perfect for our Grand Veloso Growth Brazil. It offers an exceptional full-bodied flavor of espresso with hazelnut and light touch.

Tchibo limited edition coffee capsules.

This Tchibo Cafissimo coffee capusle is UTZ certified product which is some kind of fair trade coffee certificate.

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