Caffitaly Caffitaly S05 Coffee machine: full hands on review + exclusive photos

Italian Caffitaly decaf espresso capsule by Danesi.
Italian Caffitaly decaf espresso capsule by Danesi.
Italian Caffitaly decaf espresso capsule by Danesi.
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we are happy to announce that got as one of the first worldwide the all new single serve capsule coffee machine Caffitaly S05 for hands on in depth review. Special thanks go to Caffitaly Slovakia distribution. UPDATED

For anyone who do not know anything about S05, noun
feel free to read our preview first to get an idea what is going on. Caffitaly S05 is current High-end capsule model made by Caffita SPA, try Italy. Its is quite big for capsule coffee brewer but we need to know that it is mainly for small office use. It is capable to handle cca 50 coffees a day which is also an excuse for a bit higher price of GBP 250. Good news is also for CBTL users: this machine exist also in 110 V version and it can be purchased in North America thanks to Caffitaly Canada. UPDATE: confirmed price is 299.99 CAD + aprox. 35 CAD for shipping to US.

Caffitaly S05 Package

Caffitaly S05 comes in standard Caffitaly colour box with very practical handle. Its not obvious from the photo but as we describe in our S05 preview, it is quite heavy machine so also big and heavy box.

Box of Caffitaly S05

When we look carefuly on the box we see that they are 3 colour variants of S05: Carbon, Titanium and White. Pretty conservative but understandable. Caffitaly S05 is machine mainly for office use. No fancy colours needed here.

Package of the coffee machine is pretty standard. No surprise here.

My classic espresso cap and CBTL capsule for size comparison. 🙂

Caffitaly S05 and CBTL capsules

Caffitaly S05: design and main features

Finaly, here is our champion. Currently highest model for caffitaly Cafissimo or CBTL capsules. Also 2nd most expensive machine, right after all metal hand made Asaco Dream espresso machine.

On the top, we see classic capsule input. Pretty much the same we know from Caffitaly S04 (CBTL Kaldi) machine.

Back side of the S05: large 2 liter water tank. Espresso enough for whole class.

One more detail: removed water tank…

When we see front part. There is again large used capsule container. This is very practical for office use. No need to empty that every day. Interesting detail can be seen here: there is one more whole in cup holder. This whole can be a sign that we can expect also a version with milk steaming nozzle! Plastic part on the top also has clear sign that something can be mounted here. This would be very nice feature and it might open doors for small bar usage. Caffitaly S05 with steam nozzle then can be real alternative to Caffitaly Nautilus S06.

Biggest and smallest side by side

David and Goliach comparison. Here we see the biggest Caffitaly/CBTL coffee machine and world smallest capsule espresso Cafissimo DUO. Tchibo Cafissimo DUO is times smaller, 4x times less weight and 6x time the price. Both can make great espresso. Just S05 can make 20 of them without any needs of refill water. Cafissimo DUO just 4 or 5.

Caffitaly S05 vs Cafissimo DUO

Caffitaly S05 espresso degustation

Here is our test kit for Coffee degustation. We got full range of Ecaffe espresso capsules (many thanks to Since I like E-caffe and know it a bit we can compare. Caffitaly S05 has advanced technology compare to small Caffisimo. Lets see if we can spot the difference in taste.

We have tried my favourite ones: Ecaffe Intenso and Corposo. Its hard to say that there is a big difference. Caffitaly using preheating in both espresso modes. Simply S05 fills capsule by a few drops of hot water first and after few second start making coffee. It is larger machine and compressor sound much easier than small Cafissimo. As a result We spot greater crema and a little bit more intense of aroma. Taste seems to be pretty much the same but whole experience is slightly better. When we try chocolate capsules interesting fact appear. Usually when we prepare chocco drink such as eciok chocolate, the capsule is not 100% empty after brew (not like in coffee capsules, chocco capsules suppose to be completely empty after brew cycle) but with Caffitaly S05 they usually are.

Caffitaly S05 Videos

Lets see some videos. First preview and package of the Caffitaly S05

And here we see Caffitaly S05 in action. CBTL Premium espresso preparation video:

Caffitaly S05 in the lab: the measures

Several interesting fact regarding Caffitaly S05.

  • First coffee can be served after 52 seconds (warm up time)
  • Yes, CBTL capsules can be used for Cafitaly S05
  • Max cup height is 11.5 cm (4.527 inches) – regular tea cup can be used but forget about big mugs or large tea/americano cups.
  • Noise level: 61 dB (measured by iphone, 2 meters from espresso machine) – not noise but silent machine either.
  • Over preasure valve opens at 18-20 bars

Adjust your cup

As with every Caffitaly brewer (except of S01) you set drop size by simply holding the button down and releasing at the desired drop size. This is perfect function because not everybody like strong and short espresso.

Except of water quantity you can fine tune water temperature. There are 4 steps. To set water temperature, turn the caffitaly machine off. Hold down the short espresso and the brew coffee buttons down and turn the machine on. You should get an alarm indication and the red light should be on. Then you can press the long espresso button to raise the temperature a degree and a half. Indication of current level is easy by mode lights: first the short espresso button will light, then the long and on the third time the brewed button. The maximum you can raise the temperature is three steps, so 4 together.

Our resume

Caffitaly S05 is perfect capsule machine for small office use. It is slightly more powerful than S04 / CBTL Kaldi but no real difference here. Main features of the S05 are two: large watter tank and capsule drawer. S05 allow intensive daily use where none of the current machine can survive long time. Price tag corresponding with target segment, no wonder it is more expensive than home machine. No problem to recommend for use its made for.

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  2. I recently bought the S05 to replace a finicky CBTL Kaldi. The S05 is soooo much better! The pump is very quiet. The large capacity water tank is great. Overall the build quality is very good. They should bring this to the U.S.

  3. HI I have just bought one of these and cannot get it to prime and work ..males noises like it is but no water is going through ? is there somthing i can do to make this start working its like the water just doesnt get from the tank…

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