Caffitaly Caffitaly S14 coffee machine

Decaf Decaffeinated Woolworths Select Capsules: Made using the finest roasted Arabica coffee beans, disinfection
our decaffeinated blend is a wonderfully smooth, cialis 40mg
rich balanced coffee experience.

Medium to dark roast, smooth, rich and full bodied.. without the caffeine.

Australian Fresh Food chain Woolworths together with Gloria Jeans Coffees (an Australia Coffee house) introduce its own pod / capsule coffee machine at bargain cost of 99 AUD (even lower with reward program). Very similar price tag to Tchibo Cafissimo Compact machine which is untouched Caffitaly S04.

Basic specification according to Caffitaly Australia website:

  • Great Italian Design
  • Easy to Use
  • Looks Great on the kitchen bench
  • Small Bench ‘Footprint’
  • Consistently great coffee ‘Every time’ in no time at all!
  • No messy set up or clean up!
  • Enjoy real fresh coffee even on weekdays, try before work as well as Weekends!
  • Great for Entertaining! Provide your dinner guest with great tasting coffee!
  • It’s Café Quality Coffee at Home…

Yes, nurse very technical specification… you have no idea even about size of the machine. It seems to be a derivate from Caffitaly S04 (known also as CBTL Kaldi). Check out instruction manual of S14 if you want to know more.

They also clain that machine can be used for different beverages such as tea, choccolate etc… however so far only coffees are sold at Woolworths.

Machine is sold together with all new capsule range Woolworths select and Gloria Jeans Coffees which is always great news to all Caffitaly users.

Brand Caffitaly

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  1. I purchased the S14 from Woolworths on the weekend. Love the ease of use of this product and flavour of the wow select “smooth” blend capsules. I noticed in the users guide they refer to the Caffitaly Descaler for cleaning. Where do I purchase this? Also, does anyone know if I can use the Map chocolate capsules in this machine?


    • Anything with the caffitaly brand on it will work with this machine, Karen. MAP actualy are the main supplier of this in Australia. so MAP, GJeans and woolworths will all work (are made for it).

  2. G’Day! Caffita,
    Thanks for the info, I have a Caffitaly single cup coffee maker with a few ECaff capsules, but they are very expensive. While at Costco i saw that the Van Houte capsules are on sale. DO you think they would work on my michine?
    I look forward to your next post

    • You can buy that in every single shop with coffee machine. Buy liquid version from some known brand (saeco, gaggia, de longhi…), not tabs.

  3. i have a orange light (it was red before ) in the( D SPOT)it has been there for about a week now and it wont go away any ideas PLEASE

    • I’ve got the same problem. Solid orange light. The manual explains about blinking yellow lights indicating that you need to descale, but nothing about when the light just stays on.
      Anyone else come across this?

      • We have the same problem! Surely the company would have an explanation for this! if the machine is designed to make that coloured light it would have a specific meaning behind it?

      • I’ve got that problem too. There’s nothing in the manual about it and as I’ve only had it a couple of months, using it once or, at most, twice a day it shouldn’t need descaling yet so I guess that is why I’m not getting a blinking light. Nothing on the website either. It still makes good coffee so unless someone replies that I shouldn’t, or can come up with an answer, I’ll continue using it.

    • I have copied this from the manual.

      • When the D blinks YELLOW/ORANGE and the machine emits 3 beeps (after which it
      will remain lit), it is advisable to perform the descaling cycle. (See section: Descaling)

      If you check in the first brackets, you will see that after the initial blinking, the machine will emit three beeps, then orange light will remain lit.

    • We had same issue until we worked out we needed to manually program the amount of water you wanted for your cup. Once this is done, it will fill cups with same amt of water each time. (Perfect for larger cups)

  4. Hi, could you please advise where i buy the descaler for my caffitaly S14 coffee machine please, I looked at woolworths today and I couldnt find it.

    Thank you, look forward to your reply.

  5. Hi
    Woolworths, Livingston (WA) are selling the descaler, both a normal type and an organic type. Just bought the organic type and about to give it a try.

    What is more exciting though, is there is now Gloria Jeans Hot Chocolate Pods available. Comes in packs of 10. Had to buy them and can’t wait to give them a try.

  6. I have asked numerous times at our local Woolworths for some descaler, no one seems to know anything about it.. what isle would I find it in?
    Also, my machine leaks water (alot of water) from underneath the machine, every time you fill up a cup

  7. Whenever using the Gloria Jeans Hot chocolate pods, it doesn’t dispense and then the red D light flashes and beeps constantly until I turn the machine off. Now I can’t open the lever? Any ideas?

  8. Hi there.
    My machine is not doing anything what so ever accept beeping when i switch on.
    As a blind bat, i know nothing of the lights that may be calling for help! :-).
    Does anyone know the reset process?

  9. i had the same problem with the alternating yellow to red light did not use the solution just kept running water through it and 5 jugs later back to normal

  10. I have an issue with my machine in that the red light is flashing and will not stop beeping, cannot find anything about this in the manual? What can I do about this please?

    • Steve (25 Feb 2014) you had any luck with your machine mine is doing the same?

      Tried descaling, resetting, all is does is beep.

      It seems ok because the descaling procedure worked …

      • had no luck even getting it to descale, apparently they are not going to answer with a cure….. annoying as it is/was a good machine!

    • I have a similar problem. Red light on right hand side flashing and constantly beeping.
      It started when my husband pressed the button to make a coffee and it was out of water.
      He turned the machine off, filled with water and then turned back on. But it has been beeping and flashing ever since.
      (I’ve only just descaled the machine a few weeks ago, so I don’t think that’s the problem)
      Could somebody please give me some tips on what to do??
      Thanks in advance!

      • Did you get this sorted? You just need to press the cup button again to restart it after filling jug. Sometimes pods gets dislodged and make the red button come on too (after a noise that sounds like the machine just broke,). If red light comes on, it usually seems to be one of these two things. If it’s the pod, pull back handle to drop it down and either use a new one or put the same one back in and just press cup button again.

  11. Hi
    I love my machine, use it every day but few days ago the orange light came on and it’s not going away, what do I do? I bought it in Woolworth as an EDR member but unfortunately don’t have the receipt, can I still claim the warranty?


  12. I love my caffitaly S14 pod machine, but it’s recently been leaking water underneath the machine making a puddle I have to clean every cup! Is there an easy fix for this! I am out side the warranty period!

    • We are having the same problem clean water leaking from under the machine, its not coming from the pods in the tray because its clean water, use the machine many times a day so if we can’t find the answer soon we will have to buy another machine, won’t be doing that too often before changing brands. but the machine and coffee quality until this leak issue has been perfect

      • Hi, did you ever work out the problem? Mine does the same. Wondered if needed descaling but done that and no better.

        • I also have this problem, my machine is leaking clean water all over the bench. When it first started it was still making coffee as well but now it is only leaking and no coffee! If someone knows how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

  13. We’ve had our S14 machine for close to a year and have been really happy with it; however…. Today when it was turned on all we get it a flashing red light and continual beeping. I’ve tried pressing all the buttons in hope of resetting, but no joy! I have noticed a few similar comments here, but see no answers. I’d love an answer please, so we can have a cuppa!!!

  14. My machine is making a loud noise and no water will come through its the first time using it but ive had it for 6 months what do I do

  15. My machine is leaking to the point that I cannot use it. It is only 3weeks old . I bought it from Officeworks with pods incl. Checked ,they have none left. What do I do now please?

    P.S. I live in WA

  16. My machine is leaking water from inside the main unit (where the capsule drawer sits) and nothing comes out of the dispensing spout? This problem seems to be common from the other comments on here but nothing about how to fix the issue. Stuffed if I’m buying another one of these machines if the company won’t tell us what’s wrong and how to fix (that is if it can be fixed – maybe that’s the problem they don’t want to tell us that the product is faulty and dodgy).

  17. I have had my machine for around 6 months. I now have the problem that it is leaking everywhere. Please advise on what to do. Ps I no longer have a reciept for your product

  18. I have the same problem as Steve. It seems though you do not answer any customers answers on this site , people are trying to come up with their own solutions. Can you please send me an email to let me know if you will exchange my system if I don’t have the receipt??

  19. Hi mine was leaking water too…opened machine up..and the tube that carries the water through ,had come away from where it was fixed to…was impossible to glue as the posission it was in …in the bin it went …but I kept all the bits n pieces for the next machine ….have since bought a second hand one …parts came in handy as it was missing one…BUT!!…when I put a pod in close the leaver. Press the amount I want …machine works ..then BAM!! ..lever pops up …pod is disposed off in catchment …desperate for a coffee …any ideas what could cause that to happen

  20. Hi mine was leaking water too…opened machine up..and the tube that carries the water through ,had come away from where it was fixed to…was impossible to glue as the posission it was in …in the bin it went …but I kept all the bits n pieces for the next machine ….have since bought a second hand one …parts came in handy as it was missing one…BUT!!…when I put a pod in close the leaver. Press the amount I want …machine works ..then BAM!! ..lever pops up …pod is disposed off in catchment …desperate for a coffee …any ideas what could cause that to happen pls

  21. We received ours as a gift last Christmas It has leaked from the very beginning. Woolworths & Gloria Jeans, do you have a solution for this problem??? It seems that the topic is being ignored on the thread. Potentially a safety issue considering it is an electrical appliance, surely you do not want the worse to happen before you action this. Would be great to hear what you have to say about it and provide a solution.

  22. Mines leaking water and not dispensing coffee properly. It’s six months old and I don’t still have the receipt. This coffee machine appears from other comments similar to be unfit for its purpose.

  23. This machine is a piece of SH*T. Do NOT buy it. Mine started leaking a LOT after about three months. Left HUGE puddles on the bench. My daughter had lost the receipt, so I had a look inside. Broken crappy plastic pipe on the pump. Phoned Maranatha. The “troubleshooting” help desk muppet asked all the usual stupid questions like, “is it plugged in?”, “has it got too much water? ” Waste of bloody time. The other goose on the phone told me they don’t carry spares. Like everything else these days the returns go straight into the skip bin and they get another of the pallet and good luck with it! Managed to get a BRASS replacement pipe from Coffee Parts at Banksmeadow (NSW). Fixed the leak but now OTHER problems!! Switches on, pre-heats but nothing else! I also had the stupid continuous beeping and flashing red! Instructions USELESS!! Honestly folks if you want to risk it make sure you KEEP your receipt!!

  24. Anyone know if I use vinegar to descale, should I use part water? And just use the sme as the descaling liquid? What is descaling exactly? Is it dangerous to keep using the machine with a constant orange light? Thanks

    • I have used water and vinegar and it descales machine. However make sure you rinse thoroughly as first few cups afterwards task like vinegar

  25. My machine also leaks copious amounts of clear water. No wonder Woolworths was selling them so cheap. Because of the electrical hazzard they should be made to recall them.

  26. My machine is also leaking badly underneath towards the back – clean water. A bit less than half the water is coming through with the other two thirds leaking on to the bench. Purchased about twelve months ago but only been used for the last three months. Toowoomba Qld

    HELP! Please!


    • Kevin, go online to Woolworths Supermarkets website and phone their contact centre. Ask them to contact buyer and get machine sent to buyer for inspection by the quality department.

  27. Also having issues with the capsule tray filling with water after one cup of coffee. Really bad if no capsule in place and just filling cup with warm water. If capsule in place the coffee level has gone down. Any suggestions administrator on issue or how to fix it?

  28. Hi, we’ve been really happy with our Caffitaly machine and use it on a daily basis, but this last week the cup has a lot of grit in the bottom from the pod, and when I tried to just flush the machine (let the water run through with no pod), I noticed heaps of water leaking down toward the back of the inside of the machine, where the capsule catcher would normally be. Is it fixable?

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

    • You have to put the plastic piece (shaped like a pod) supplied with the machine into the pod hole and close the handle. If you don’t do that the water just fills up the capsule catcher (container)

  29. Well after all I’ve read here (and NOT heard from Caffitaly) I’m throwing out the machine. This is a replacement machine already. Now it’s leaking water and no coffee coming through at all. Bummer that I bought all those capsules on special! Come on Caffitaly. Do something about answering people!

  30. Hi, I like my Caffitaly when it works, it’s great! I bought direct from a CBTL shop and have used it for under 6 months. I’m now having the same issue with water pooling below the Caffitaly and not draining up to pour into the machine. I’m wasting capsules like crazy trying to figure it out. I did a reset, but that did not help. I see this seems to be a common problem with water pooling, so I’m taking my machine back to the CBTL store to see if they will replace it! I love CBTL, they are my choice for tea and coffee. Let’s see what they do to retain a loyal customer and CBTL Member that buys capsules, and often buys drinks from local CBTL stores.

  31. I can’t seem to des ale mine, I have followed the instructions but when I hol a and b and then turn it on I just get a red light that beeps and then nothing, anyone know what I could be doing wrong

  32. Where can I buy parts for my machine? My water canister has a crack in 2 spots so I cant fill it very high without it leaking. So I would like to know where I could purchase a new water canister from? OR is this part of a warantee?

  33. Hi Caffitaly,
    I received an S14 over the weekend but for some reason the coffee won’t infuse. I used the machine yesterday (5/10) afternoon when I got home and the machine worked fine then. When I went to use it this morning the machine wouldn’t dispense any coffee. It also leaks terribly from the base of the water chamber. I’m not sure what to do or why it won’t work. I have also reset the S14 as per instructions & a call centre staff member.

  34. 1st machine = Piece of junk. Not going to bother with another.

    Spend a bit more and get a quality machine. You get what you pay for I guess.

  35. I purchased the S14 a couple of months ago, & while happy with the quality of the coffee, have a pool of clear water under the machine, as it leaks constantly. The tray is emptied regularly, & I am assuming it is a problem feeding through, as the water level drops disproportionately when making a cup of coffee. I have a friend with a slightly different Caffitaly model (although still purchased on a deal at Woolworths), & hers retains water in the reservoir for much longer than mine.
    Will someone PLEASE respond to this issue as it is obviously so widespread!

  36. I had this S14 machine 2 or 3 years ago and it leaked after 3 months, Fast forward to 2016 and now I own the brand new S22 All-In-one machine. Got it for $99 but had to return it after 3 weeks due to the heater unit not working and the unit was inoperative and just displayed the red light (no blinking) even after a reset. Woolworths happliy exchanged and I have now just unboxed and used the replacement. It is a very good machine and makes delightful cappucinos. I hope this holds out. My only complaint is the plastic taste I get from the unit. It also has a slight plastic/burnt/new smell when I put my nose 3 inches above the insertion hole. I did a taste test of the water extruded from the machine. Yes I taste slight plastic. Hopefully being new this will go away…being new I will reserve my judgment, Now I am googling whether BPA is omitted from this machine,…Can’t find an answer…. anybody else have the new S22? what’s your opinion?

  37. Pulled the bottom off to see what was going on with this water leak

    found a couple of cable tie’s missing on the hoses but mostly the issue was the small impeller pump had come lose, so opened it cleaned the “o”-ring and tightened it up
    No more leaks

    sorry tried to insert / paste then picture but no luck

    • Hi, Shane.

      I’m trying to get the bottom off my long term good S14, because the handle is getting harder to move, even though I have descaled a couple of times, and I’d like to get right in and clean inside it. Having taken out all the visible screws, it looks like I should now slide the base backwards to fully disconnect it, but it doesn’t want to move. Should I be more brutal, or have I missed something?

      Cheers, Graham

  38. Fourth machine same problem now as last three it’s dumping coffee grinds into my cup Imkeep persevering because I like the bigger pods as I like strong coffee but this is getting a bit painful to replace yet another machine that operates fine except for the grinds in cup Not very pleasant to take the last mouthful of coffee and get a nasty meal of grinds at the same time

  39. Same problem as Rohan with my old S20. Also the used capsules tend to get stuck in the machine. Will keep searching for the answer.

  40. Love my Caffitaly Modle S14, it has just died have had it for 8 yrs used every day. Can’t find any where to buy a replacement, Woolworths don’t seem to stock them anymore ?.

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