Caffitaly Nautilus strikes back! Caffitaly Nautilus S06 is here
The all new Caffitaly Nautilus S06 is long waited replacement for original S01 and S01HS and together with Caffitaly S05 are the newest members of the Caffitaly coffee machine family. What is the difference between old and new nautilus S06HS? This post is more about comparison than complete nautilus S06 review.

When we look at tech specification we find following: All caffitaly capsules cen be used (all brand on thos sites), more about
water pump has the same power as Caffitaly S04. It mean that new Nautilus is no longer the highest performer, abortion
but we do not need to cry about. The biggest news is the fact, advice
that S06 is full automatic coffee machine (S01HS was manual machine, no programmable buttons) with programmable buttons and support all 3 coffee modes. Easiest way how to recognize new Nautilus is 3 buttons on the top of the single server coffee machine. Original S01 has just two. Nice thing is that milk steaming nozzle stays here, so Nautilus stays the only Caffitaly machine having this great feature.

Nautilus S06 specification (Caffitaly S06HS:

    Voltage: 220-240 V, 950 W (some rumors that 110 V will be available as well!)
    Heating power: 950 W
    Water Pump: 15 bar, 48 W
    Weight: approx. 6 kg
    Water tank capacity: approx. 2 liters

Old Nautilus S01 HS

New Nautilus S06

Brand Caffitaly

21 comments on “Nautilus strikes back! Caffitaly Nautilus S06 is here

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  2. Hi,
    I am moving to Shanghai end of Oct 2012. I am wondering if there is any place in Shanghai that I can buy Nautilus S06 and the capsules as well.
    Your advice is much appreciated.

    Thanks & regards,
    Shi Boon

  3. got one of these today. What am I doing wrong. The coffee comes out lukewarm. The milk frother/steamer is not making the milk frothy enough and it’s not hot enough and when I tried to leave the steamer going for a while to get the milk up to temperature the orange light came on, which must mean it was overheated.

  4. Untill today, we were happy with our new Nautilus S06. The Problem:
    After the discaling process was unfortunately interruptet as the capsule drawer overflowed, the electronic program hung itself up und I seem unable to reset it back to normal or start the discaling process from the beginning, when the orange light now appears after switching the machine on. Whatever I try, ends in a constant red light. (I found a small black gasket, that might belong to the water tank, but does not readily fit.)

    No coffee for the next few days, I am afraid. Please help

    • I do not own S06 however I got the same expririence with S05. You need to complete the whole proces which is very anoying (lot of water and time).
      There is a hint how to stop it however i do not remember.

  5. We have a caffitaly SO6 and have broken our water tank. Can we buy that part or where can we buy a new machine. We live in Adelaide SA, Australia. Happy to purchase online.

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