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The all new S05 Caffitaly coffee maker will seduce you instantly with its simplicity and efficiency. It is the first coffee machine from caffitaly that can be used not only as a home espresso. The large water tank and generous used capsules drawer grant the S05 Caffitaly autonomy and convenience making it the ideal family or office machine. Like all Caffitaly machines, ailment
the S05 features 3 brewing fully automatic and programable modes for espresso, long coffee, lungo, filter coffee, tea, hot chocolate or herbal tea.

  • Power: 950W
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) : 220 x 332 x 290mm
  • Weight : 6 kg
  • Boiler : Stainless steel
  • Water tank capacity : 2 liters
  • Capsule drawer capacity: 20 with indicator
  • Electronic temperature control and automatic descaling
  • Pump pressure : 15 bars for espresso / 3,5 bars filter americano coffee

Caffitaly S 05 combine futuristic italian design and ease of use. The Caffitaly S05 Espresso Machine is the latest model from Caffitaly and it looks very nice.

S04 Caffitaly coffee machine in action:

Brand Caffitaly

10 comments on “S04 Caffitaly – CBTL kaldi

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  3. When i switched on my Kaldi S04, the buttons blink non-stop, machine won’t heat up whether I lift up or put down the handle. What is wrong? How to reset?

  4. For some reason the coffee is not coming out of the coffee dispenser but rather goes into the capsule drawer … how do we fix the problem?

  5. I have coffee machine CBTL-tm single serve Brewing System model#10134 the water tank was broken, I like know where I can buy.

    Thank you

    Nubia Pellegrini

  6. Hello ,,
    someone can help me any capsules fit for my machine .. ((Caffitaly S04 Caffitaly)) caf espresso coffee maker type n s04

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