CBTL Caffitaly CBTL instructions user manuals

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I have received several emails about CBTL coffee machine instruction manuals. Actualy even it is exactly the same espresso and coffee machine as Caffitaly systems I have made this all-manual-one-page post.
Update: Cafissimo Coffee machine added. MAP Dualit and Princess espresso machine added.

CBTL Coffee and espresso machine user manual

Direct link to CBTL page in case they change something.

Caffitaly home espresso coffe machine instructions manuals

Gaggia for Caffitaly single serve espresso machine manuals

Tchibo Cafissimo user manuals

MAP Italian coffee / DUALIT / Princess user manuals

Brand CBTL

25 comments on “Caffitaly CBTL instructions user manuals

  1. G’Day! Caffita,
    Along the same lines,, I’m doing a sociological project and I had to go somewhere and take notes of what I saw my fellow humans doing. I went to The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and just people watched/took notes. There is a Starbucks across the street and I noticed a lot more people were at CBTL instead.

    So my question is would this be considered a sociological question to ask:
    “Why did people choose CBTL over Starbucks?”

    My answer won’t involve the better drinks or whatever, but probably more so of its environment and what kind of things the people who are there were doing.

    Does this work for my project? Thanks!
    Catch you again soon!

  2. Hi,

    wonder if anyone would know how and where replacement parts are available to CBTL Americano coffeemaker. I am missing the tray and the water canister broke and I need to replace these items. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me.


  3. Hi, the link to the Caffitaly S02 manual doesnt work, can anyone help in advising how to clean the machine? I can’t find anything on the net.
    Thanks so much in advance.

  4. Hi
    We have coffee machine S01HS . when wemake coffe ,water from the Hot water pipe is going out.
    What is the problem?can you send by mail- How to dismantle the machine אם parts?
    thanks and regards

  5. Red flashing light problem…put lever down and press the cup pics in order from smallest to largest. The system needs resetting.

  6. Howdy
    Coffee Machine Caffitaly Model S14

    I followed the descaling instructions per the instruction manuel. After this procedure (a few days later) I used a coffee pod in the machine and the water did not come out of the water spout (not one drop) but instead flooded the bench top, leaking out of the bottom of the machine. How can I fix this problem?


    • Hi Trish

      Any resolution to the problem? I have the same issue at present and not sure where to find support to resolve this…
      Hope yours is sorted.

  7. I need the manual and quick start guide for the S04 coffee machine. None of the links provided work. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  8. I need instruction manual for the Caffitaly Americana model 10134 . ive looked everywhere including CBTL web site with NO luck. can u help

  9. Hi I have an older model cbtl and it does not have the two indicator alarms that you mention. It’s model number 10135 Sensio.
    So far I’ve been unable to de scale.

  10. My machine doesn’t work, so I was going to get a manual for it. None of the manual links works. Are you guys still in business?

  11. I tried to access the manual for my S20 but your site isn’t working. Can you send me the manual, I need the troubing shooting details urgently please

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