Tchibo Cafissimo DUO: smallest capsule machine in the world

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A small test of even smaller Tchibo coffee machine Caffisimo DUO. How this kid leads compared to big brothers Tchibo, drug Caffitaly or Gaggia? What is appropriate and what is not. Experience with this coffee, mind tips and tricks. The official PR says Cafissimo DUO – the smallest coffee capsule around the world. Small, compact and modern design: it is a new coffee maker Cafissimo DUO. The unique system of two pressures for brewing coffee with this coffee easily and quickly prepare the perfect espresso as great caffè crema. Simply choose which of these coffee treats you just taste, and place in a coffee capsule Cafissimo intended for espresso or caffè crema. In this sentence, hides more than it may seem. First, there is that magic name DUO to be decrypted, second, our marketing department here says thats Cafissimo DUO has only 2 mode of coffee (all caffitaly products has 3). It is especially suitable for coffee Espressp, not for Americano or brewed coffe. The fact that they are compatible caffitaly coffee probably do not need too much talking. What can be read below.

Main features:

  • Two different pressures for brewing coffee
  • Freely programmable amount of water for espresso caffe and creme
  • Descaler Durgol – nice bonus included
  • Checking the water and automatically stop brewing coffee
  • Pressure brewing coffee at classic 15 bar
  • Power-saving features – the coffee is prepared coffee off automatically
  • Easy to use: just one knob
  • Easy operation and cleaning
  • No american/brewed coffee mode
  • Many color variations
  • Dimensions 19 x 19 x 20 cm and an impressive 40 months warranty
  • Design and controls

While common Cafissimo is actually classic espresso coffee maker in standard sizes that are not favorable for small kitchen or apartment and the same applies to the construction, which is up to handle the capsule virtually identical to the classical pressomatem, DUO go its own way. At first glance it is clear that the machine is really small, and design. No problem to place it (and what better and operate) in the living room. It contains only a single button in combination with a rotary dial with three positions and is fully automatic. For a better idea to look at the image on the left. The capsules are inserted above the coffee machine: Front “chrome” hem from the bottom of the coffee maker has hidden button. Press to release the top of the espresso machine, which can be swiveled. This will make the water tank and space to insert the capsule. Pour water, insert the capsule. The lid snaps, which will penetrate the coffee capsules. Turn the knob to select the appropriate type of coffee. There are two options: espresso (brown capsules at Tchibo) and Creme (orange capsules at Tchibo). The manufacturer states that each mode uses different pressure. However, this fact is nowhere more breakdown. Turn the page for the appropriate driver is stuck in the position and the light around the button flashes to indicate heating. Once everything is ready, just press the button. Coffee begins to work and according to position required amount of water. A nice feature is the possibility of such a permanent set or reset to the default value. Capsules of coffee need to remove manually, the process is similar to a paste. Do note, the coffee is usually prepared to serve in minutes.

Water tank has a capacity of only 300 ml, which according to the leaflet has to get by 5x or 2x espresso and crema. However, experience has shown that you top up the water more frequently. If the coffee maker DUO very little water in the choice of mode signals and this fact will not start heating. If the heating begins, may under certain circumstances, the state (such as setting individual large amount of water to drink) that occur during water percolation. Nothing tragic happens only farther into the water tank and continue on. The fact is that the stack is small, you need to add water quite often. On the other hand, these dimensions are surprising. Construction of coffee machine is so small that it is often impossible to insert a larger cup (typical of a large tea).

Brand Tchibo

20 comments on “Cafissimo DUO: smallest capsule machine in the world

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  2. can we use with it any kinds of pods?
    how does the pods are linked to the three buttons above?
    what kind of pods recommended for this machine other than its own?

    • Not sure i understand your question. There are no 3 buttons in cafissimo DUO.

      You can use any caffitaly capsule, just it is not recomended to use brew coffee capsules. My recommendation is all good rated espressos mainly, cagliari super oro and silver, ecaffe intenso etc.

  3. je vouudrais passer une commande de capsule car en martinique il ne le fond pas encore car j’ai acheter ma cafetiere lors d’un sejour au moi de juillet

    • Hi,
      Would also love to know if they are available here. Just back from Europe and love the coffee. 69 Euro unbelievable price.!
      Tracking it down if possible.
      Joan Moller

    • Kim,
      Woolworths are now selling a Caffitaly system machine for $99 or only $79 if you have a Rewards Card. I just bought one yesterday and some Woolies and Gloria Jeans Caffitaly capsules as well.
      It isn’t a Caffissimo Duo but is a nice looking machine and makes good coffee too.

  4. I have 220V Tchibo Cafissimo Duo.
    Can I use this coffee machine in USA?
    If I need electric converter, which watt one is good for this machine?

  5. This machine is a small wonder of design! I simply love it! Sad it seems to have been discontinued! I need a PDF version of the instructions manual for my machine! Please e-mail to with the subject “Tchibo Cafissimo DUO instruction user manual” if you can.

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