Tchibo Tchibo Cafissimo COMPACT: new capsule machine to Tchibo family

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Hot news: Tchibo introduce together with all new capsule design also new coffee machine called Tchibo Cafissimo Compact. Coffee machine now available just to German spoken markets. Very interesting machine for a great prize..

It looks like a Caffitaly S04 (so called CBTL Kaldi in USA). Well know machine for its great quality and award winning design. Even though Tchibo always claim that all machine are their own design, discount here we can be quite sure about. However thats not bad news at all – as a result, physician people can get S04 for Tchbo price which is starting at great 69,- EUR. I am afraid that this is not good news for local caffitaly dealers on all markets where Tchibo is present.

Tchibo cafissimo compact coffee machine

Tchibo Cafissimo COMPACT coffee machine

Together with new machine, Tchibo also completly remake all packages of their capsules to brand new and fresh looking colour style (so much like CBTL).

Compare old and new Tchibo capsules style:

New Tchibo capsules

Old Tchibo capsules

Brand Tchibo

11 comments on “Tchibo Cafissimo COMPACT: new capsule machine to Tchibo family

  1. I love tthe new Tchobo Cafissimo compact. Could you please let me know where I could purchase one of thes and the capsules.

    Many thanks for your interest


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